Sip And Study

Libraries give me headaches, there I said it. If I could avoid the school libraries at all costs, I would, and If I am being honest, I have done quite the good job at it this semester. I get distracted by cute boys, who are definitely not studying, or girls who are just swiping away on tinder. Especially now that finals are on the way, all the fake people hog up the libraries, trying to fix the mess of their grades. (Don’t take that personally if that is you) Being from Buffalo, I definitely know of some hidden places that are nice to go study at, or just get away.


→  My first, go to spot is the obvious Starbucks or Spot Coffee. The Spot Coffee in Williamsville tends to get busy, but the one in Orchard Park is very spacious, and has a much more relaxed vibe if you are willing to drive out there! Also, a plus to that Spot Coffee is the outside porch they have that outlooks the town.


→ My next destination is Sweet Ness 7 cafe. This cafe is located on Grant st. in Buffalo, and is the cutest little coffee shop. Not many people know about this place, so it definitely does not get nearly as busy as Starbucks or Spot Coffee does. Also, Sweet Ness 7 offers a variety of healthy meals, including plenty of vegan options, which I personally love.


→ Third on my list is Daily Planet Coffee on Hertel. This place has a fun, hip vibe, offering live music events and a great ambiance. The coffee’s they offer let me warn you are sweet, so if you are a coffee enthusiast, you may not be a fan of the taste.


→ Ashker’s is next, and this is my all time favorite spot. Located in Elmwood, this place is cozy, surrounded by art, and has an outside seating area to enjoy in the summer. This place offers a variety of juices, healthy choices, and will truly make you think you have your life together. Again, not many people go here compared to other popular , well- known places so it is definitely worth the trip!


Aside from coffee/ food shops, nice places to get work done are the local libraries around UB. Some include the Amherst Community Library or Barnes and Noble!


Happy studying and never forget,

~Nothing stands between a girl and her coffee~