October is National Adopt a Dog Month!

October is a special month for all rescue and shelter dogs who are still looking for a forever home. October is National Adopt-a-Dog Month, emphasizing the importance of adopting instead of shopping for a dog. Here are some reasons why adopting is better than shopping for dogs.



Around 164 million pets are owned in the U.S but only 20% were adopted. Millions of abused, stray, and lost animals end up in shelters across the United States. Adopting a dog saves dogs from unfortunate circumstances that would occur if it were to be left alone. More than 1 million adoptable dogs are euthanized -- put to death --  in the U.S because too many go into shelters and not that many people tend to adopt. 



Puppy Mills, where people purchase dogs from, treat dogs horribly. The mothers of the puppies are kept to breed constantly just so the stores can make a profit. Once they are not able to make the stores profit anymore, most dogs are normally abandoned, sold for cheap, or killed. Puppy mills also treat dogs improperly, keeping them housed in unsuitable circumstances, which leaves dogs more likely to be sick and have bad behaviors because they are not properly socialized. Dogs that are adopted tend to behave better, mostly because most of the ones who end up at shelters come from homes that cannot have their dog anymore.



Having a dog is a huge responsibility and can get pretty costly. Shopping for dogs is way more expensive than adopting. Adopting a dog can run from $150-$700, while buying costs between $400-$2,500. Adoption fees normally come with vaccines, spaying/neutering, and other health concerns. Dogs that are purchased may not have everything included or you might have to pay extra. Adopting can already save so much money that can go towards other things such as buying dog supplies.


Being more educated on why it is important to stay away from puppy mills and breeders can help save many dogs from being euthanized because of no more space at the shelters. If you are looking to add a dog to your family, please consider adoption for these reasons and many more!