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Nipples Pierced & Lookin’ Fierce

This past week was my 19th birthday and unfortunately my spending problem didn’t outgrow me this year so I decided to get my nipples pierced. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a looong time, I just never took the time out to get it done.  Personally, I was a tad nervous about how they would look on my 34DD ta-tas because most girls Ive seen with this piercing done, especially in the media (Kendall Jenner & Bad girl Riri), have a significantly smaller chest than I do.


I got the piercing done right at Cowpok in Williamsville, about a ten-minute drive from UB north campus. I went with very simple barbell with purple/blue balls on each, you definitely want to make sure you love whatever you put in because it cannot be changes for about 8 months.

My best advice for going into the piercing is to not overthink it. Yes, I know, it sounds impossible to not get anxious about a piercing, especially on your nips. But all the anxiety will do is ultimately make your piercing hurt more due to the increased stress your body in enduring. Think about it this way, your body is not made to remember pain. Do you remember the last time you stubbed your toe? Probably not. You will not remember how badly this piercing hurt, it’s only temporary. 


The overall pain was only about a 6.5/10 at the moment of the piercing and about a 7/10 after the piercing a few hours later. The moments after the piercer is done putting the bar through your nipple you may be in no pain at all, I was not in any pain after that point. Later in the day is when the pain started to intensify, I used an ice pack over my shirt to help with the swelling and pain in general. The next few hours after I got them done can be summed up by these gifs in no particular order;





My biggest tips are to keep them C L E A N. Shower every single day and use the cleaning soap they give you. I also use tea bags to help heal all of my piercings, especially this one. Chamomile is the best tea to help piercings heal. To do this, you literally make a normal cup of tea but DO NOT throw out the tea bags, instead place them (when they’re not too hot), right on the piercings for a bit to aid in healing. 

Marissa Hanes is a junior at University at Buffalo and planning to pusue her dream career as a Nurse somewhere on the west coast post-graduation. She currently works as a Nursing Assistant at Sister's of Charity Hospital as well as a front desk receptionist at a career office in UB. In her sparse free time you can find Marissa somewhere outside (when it's not 800 degrees out), catching up on her favorite youtuber's, writing poetry, or planning another trip somewhere far from Buffalo. 
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