My Top 5 Favorite YouTubers

     I have been watching YouTube since about 2012, and I have been an avid watcher since!  Watching a video from any one of these five YouTubers will automatically brighten my day.  They are also the most genuine YouTubers I have watched thus far, which is hard to come by these days to be honest… Each and every one of these content creators make me laugh in every one of their videos.  Enough of me hyping them up, let me tell you more about them!

  1.      Sarah Baska is my #1 favorite “Tuber” (in her words) of all time!  She posts story times, vlogs, she did a video game series once, and a lot of other funny videos about what’s going on in her life.  She often offers advice based on her own life experiences which is really helpful and insightful for me.  Sarah gives off very chill and hippie vibes, and her attitude toward life is very refreshing for me because sometimes I get too caught up in the thick of it.

  2.      Ryan is extremely underrated!  He is actually best friends with Sarah Baska, so they have similar content and interests.  His videos consist of story times, funny challenges, vlogs, you name it.  Ryan always makes me laugh and his editing style gets me every time!  He is also very interactive with his followers which I really appreciate.  Overall, if you’re looking for a laugh, definitely check out Ryan’s channel.

  3.      Brandi probably makes me laugh the most out of all.  Her videos consist of her getting extremely high (via edibles and smoking) and films makeup videos or videos of her transforming into a character.  My all time favorite video of hers is the one where she turns herself into Pennywise from It.  I literally laughed the whole time and even teared up!  She is such a sweet, fun-loving person, and she is also very interactive and appreciative of her fans which I love.  Her husband, Dan, also makes a lot of appearances in her videos and the two of them together make a power couple!  The videos they make together are the best.

  4. 4. Cody Ko

         A classic, I love this man.  His videos mainly consist of him “roasting” people, whether it be fellow YouTubers, or videos from the YouTube channel Cut.  Cut is a YouTube channel and their videos consist of concepts like blind dates going through each other’s phones or an awkward divorced drinking game.  Cody’s commentary and editing style really ties his content together and he never fails to make me laugh!

  5.      Hyram saved my life when it comes to skincare, he has taught me everything I need to know!  Hyram’s videos consist of skincare product reviews, talking about his own skincare routine(s), and my absolute favorite, his reaction to celebrities/other YouTuber’s skincare routines.  Hyram is such a little cutie and he radiates the most positive, down-to-earth energy.  If you don’t know much about skincare or want to amp up your routine, I highly recommend watching Hyram’s videos!

     I hope these suggestions help you in finding your new favorite creators!  Go check out their videos and I guarantee it will make your day and give ya a laugh :)