Must-Watch Television Shows for Quarantine

Now is a better time than any other to binge-watch Netflix shows!  I have a list of my top five riveting Netflix shows that have kept me sane during quarantine.  I highly recommend watching these shows because with some of them I get so emotionally attached to the characters and the whole storyline that it takes my mind off of the events going on around us.  I hope you end up watching at least some of these shows and end up enjoying them!

1. Grey’s Anatomy

A classic!  This show is full of twists and turns, suspense, romance, etc.  I have gotten very attached to the characters and the show as a whole.  The premise of Grey’s is it is a medical based drama revolved around Meredith Grey, one of the main characters.  Her mom was a very reputable and well-known surgeon at the hospital which Meredith works at now.  Meredith and her coworkers are faced with challenges and chaos at work nearly every day, making it hard to take your eyes off the screen!  As the story develops, more and more gets thrown at you and you really learn to appreciate the medical field and the television series.

2. Hot Ones

Hot ones is a six-season series on YouTube where interviewer Sean Evans sits down with many different, well-known celebrities and they eat progressively spicier chicken wings.  There is a line of wings on a platter and Sean interviews the celebrities while they both eat them.  I really like watching celebrities (especially actors/actresses) to see how they act in a normal day-to-day setting.  I don’t know but it’s just very interesting to me and I find it intriguing!  The show is funny, informative, innovative, and I guarantee a celebrity you like has been on Hot Ones.

3. Ozark

I recommend this show if you are into ominous, suspenseful, crime television shows.  Ozark is about a financial advisor and his family from Chicago having to move to the Missouri Ozark Mountains to launder $500 million for a drug cartel.  The show is full of suspense and many twists and turns as the family faces the pressure of working with the cartel.  The danger of this business deeply affects the family as they are trying to appear to be living a normal life.

4. The Circle

This show was definitely a guilty pleasure show for me!  It was so addicting that I couldn’t look away.  If you like cheesy reality shows, this one’s for you.  The premise of the show is putting about seven people in the same apartment building together, although they have to communicate through texting.  Well, it’s kind of like texting.  The rooms have T.V.s and it’s operated through voice control.  Keep in mind that anybody could be catfishing on the show as well!  Some people go in as themselves, others go in under a completely different identity.  You’ll have to watch in order to find out!  The participants, based on how they are interacting with the rest of the group, get ranked.  The first place participant gets to be the group’s “influencer” while the rest wait to get picked.  Normally, the last player gets kicked off the show and replaced with a new participant.

5. Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black is in my top three favorite T.V. shows of all time.  The show is about a young woman named Piper Chapman who’s life is completely turned around when she ends up in a women's correctional facility (prison).  The show takes you through her journey of prison and the actual friends she has made while being in there.  Orange Is the New Black also throws a lot of curveballs at you, and I (of course) ended up becoming emotionally attached to some of the characters in this show as well.  OITNB is definitely binge-watch worthy and perfect for quarantine.

I hope you found some of these shows to be right up your alley!  Enjoy and I hope they keep you occupied and sane during this horrible time.  Stay safe everyone.