Moving Out is Easy with These Tips!

Moving in is always so fun. Decorating your room the way YOU want and being able to make it your own. 

college moving GIF by UW-MilwaukeeHowever, moving out always suck. Here's some crucial packing tips to make moving out seem like a breeze.


If you're moving out during summer break, put all your winter clothes and fall clothes into one bin or bag, so you don't have to dig to find the clothes you need. And vice versa if you move out during winter break. Make a pile for stuff you will for sure need the next semester, and things you most likely won't use again. Throw out anything old, expired, or things that should have bene thrown out 3 months ago before you start packing to there isn't a clutter. Also make a pile for clothes you did not touch at all. Donate those clothes because you know they're just there for decoration at this point. 

all stars lol GIF by LifetimeRolling your clothes make for so much room. If you roll your t shirts tightly, you can fit so much ore in your suitcase. Put all your undergarments, including bras and panties, in the same bag as the clothes you will wear for the season. This makes it easier to un-pack when you get home. When organizing don't forget to put things you wear all year round in a pile. Just because you have a really thick sweatshirt that's made for winter,doesn't mean you can't wear it for a summer night. 

african american clothes GIFWrap your household items, like cleaner and soaps, in plastic bags so they won't accidently spill during your trip back. Put anything that might spill in a spot where it won't move around too much. Seal the caps with tape to be extra careful. Do the samewith your makeup too. You don't want your favorite foundation spilling over.

If you have a lot of food still left over and you're sure you wont use it,donate it! My favorite college food was always pasta and I'd always have a ton left over. 

If you have the option of keeping things in storage you should! It conveniant so you won't over pack your car, and when yo get back home or wherever you go. You won't take up unnecessary space. 

pack packing GIFPacking to leave is always the worst part. Be organized to make your life easier!