Midterms are coming! Get your s*@#t together!

You've reached halfway to til the end! Hopefully you aren't still procrastinating. Time to buckle up after seeing those mid-semester grades

Shocked GIF by Jason ClarkeIf you're grades are lower than you want them to be talk to your professor or your TA's. They can help you boost your grades up and maybe even offer some extra credit. Figure what other stuff you have for the class so you're prepared for the next test or paper or project you have to do. Also if you need additional help ask people in the class and see if they can maybe help you ith studying or any work you have to do.​

Cut back on going out. I know that seems soo hard, but in order to stay in school you kinda have to do well. Maybe only go out once a week or instead have more chill night in with friends instead of going to house parties that last until 5am! Focus on school so you don't spend your weekends completely hungover.

happy i love lucy GIFPlan accordingly so you aren't drowning in all your work. If you have multiple tests in a week don't cram for them the weekend before. Study a little bit everyday, so you aren't freaking out. Give your self a break when needed and not just because you did 5 minutes of work. Plan when you are gonna go out one weekend and when you're gonna be staying inside and at the library. 


Hopefully we will all finish this semester strong!

you got this do it GIF