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Member Monday: Kiana Hodge

For this week’s Member Monday I interviewed Her Campus member Kiana Hodge. You can find out more about her by following her Instagram: @k.hodgee

Introduce yourself a little, tell us what you do for her campus.

My name is Kiana Hodge, but everyone calls me Kiki! I am majoring in Legal Studies with a journalism certificate. I am currently the Secretary for Her Campus and a writer!

How did you get involved with her campus and how do you feel it has affected you?

My friend who currently goes to Adelphi told me about Her Campus and told me to check to see if there was a chapter at UB. I checked and reached out to the girls on Instagram and asked if I could join. The rest was history!

If you were to pick a musical artist(s) that most embodies your self-image, who would it be and why?

I would say Tyler, the Creator because I see myself as someone who is very open-minded and can take on interests in many things. Tyler is unapologetically himself, and I definitely see and feel the same way about myself.

What do you study at school and why?

I am basically on a pre-law track, and I wanted to pursue this because black lawyers only make up 5% of all lawyers, and if we want some change in this world, we need more people who look like us to work for us.

What do you hope your impact will be? on the people in your life, the career you have, or the world in general.

I hope that I am successful in making the world a better place somehow. I want to contribute to the educated, situated, and motivated people of the world and continue to have good people in my circle.

What do you think the best and worst parts of our generation are?

The best part of my generation is that we aren’t taking any BS anymore. Call us sensitive –  but we are finally questioning and calling out toxic generational issues, understanding and helping ourselves with our trauma, and understanding each other. I don’t really see anything wrong with our generation that’s so different from any other generation.

What is your favorite class that you have taken at ub so far? Why?

My favorite class would have to be the writing internship class here at UB. I got to write for The Spectrum, which is The University at Buffalo’s newspaper. I learned so many things about writing, and I eventually had one of my pieces featured in the newspaper!

(Read here: https://www.ubspectrum.com/article/2021/03/how-effective-is-cancel-culture)

What is your comfort t.v. show?

My favorite comfort T.V. show will have to be Family Guy. I turn it on when: I’m bored, tired, need something to watch, I’m eating, and more. It’s so funny and I can never get tired of it.

What was the most impactful movie you ever watched?

It was a limited series – but When They See Us was very impactful. I never knew about the case before this series, and although I know of the unfortunate history of the criminal justice system (that is still thriving today), this series really put things into perspective and pulled at my heart. I never wanted to graduate, go to law school, then become an attorney so bad after watching this. It really opened my eyes to a field where I would love to work in, and possibly help innocent people with getting out of the criminal system and getting their justice.

Finally, give me your hottest take.

Cartoon Network was more elite than Disney and Nickelodeon.

A UB student double majoring in Psychology and Criminology, activist, coffee enthusiast, music and fashion lover. She loves using Her Campus as a medium to express her many passions, from self-care, fashion, movies, and books to activism, criminology and psychology.
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