A local Buffalo shop you wish you knew about earlier

Did you know that there is a super cute jewelry line with subscription boxes that is based in BUFFALO? Yes, that’s right. I’m here to talk all about Indie Twenty Jewelry and Rachel Sweeney, the young, Hamburg native, who started the whole thing. Indie Twenty has a very free, boho type vibe to it. It’s what I call the sister brand to Free People (aka my favorite store). It’s everything you could possibly wan- trendy, affordable, unique, handmade, and authentic to Buffalo. Personally, I’ve hit a roadblock in shopping. It’s SO hard to find trendy, different, quality, and affordable items. The Internet is so vast but whenever you do a google search you always see the same 20 links pop up. I always love going into boutiques and attempting to shop locally but some of them sell random, low quality items with high price tags. It makes sense that they are more expensive because they have to make some money and stay in business. What I like about Indie Twenty is that it is so affordable, even for a college student!

Instagram: @Indietwenty

Facebook: @indietwenty

I believe that jewelry can make or break your outfit. Following current trends, layering necklaces and dainty rings are all the rage. I’ve found some rad chokers and fun longer necklaces with stones, turquoise, gems, and all of the above. Indie Twenty also has some rings and bracelets from Thailand and India so you can add some diversity into your collection.


The coolest part of Indie Twenty? The Babe Box! You can subscribe to a Babe Box every month and receive over $80 of goods for $29.99! This makes me excited because I love receiving packages. It’s the weirdest thing, like I know I’m receiving one and I paid for it but I still squeal inside.

Here is October's Babe Box! If you're interested, go to http://www.indietwentyjewelry.com

to sign up for a box full of surprises for November!


Take a look at this months subscription box featuring a special collaboration with another local creative,Everyday Earthware (insta: @bear_in_a_clay_shop). 


I own three pieces from Indie Twenty as of now. I don’t think I could find either of these items at the quality and price I did. They fit so well with my style!


The creative behind the brand is Rachel. She's 27 years old and the sweetest human being you'll ever know. She hand makes all of her pieces and she designs pieces by her own vision. She doesn't follow the trends or use any other designer for ideas. This makes her pieces extra unique!


Shop some of my favorites and support #localshops.