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Introducing Our Sister Chapters (Part One): Her Campus Bristol

     Hi, I’m Noa and I am Co-Campus Correspondent this year for the second year in a row! I loved being a part of Her Campus so much last year that I just couldn’t turn away ;) I am a final year History undergraduate here at Bristol and I love being involved in Her Campus as a really high-quality journalism outlet directed by and catered towards women! 

     Hi there, I'm Franceska and I've joined Noa this year as co-campus correspondent following on from an editorial position in the careers sector last year. I got involved with Her Campus because I was looking for a creative outlet and fortunately came across a community that emphasised friendship, empowerment and support amongst a shared love for writing. I'm a second-year law student, so adapting to moving all my course content as well as Her Campus plans online has been challenging, but the positive atmosphere surrounding every Her Campus Bristol group discussion and virtual meetup has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring. 

     We are quite a small group compared to some of our American sister counterparts, however we've grown significantly in the last few years! The executive committee is made up of 10 members and when all our wonderful section editors are included we make up 34-person strong team. We have already had a really busy semester – we try to hold at least one event every week! On top of our regular Committee and Editorial meetings we have already hosted two online Zoom socials and a career event in collaboration with Her Campus Leeds, which was a Q&A with BBC Producer Rosanna Pounds-Woods. 

     We are also really excited about an event we have coming up this Wednesday in collaboration with Amnesty and Feminist Society here at Bristol. It is a letter-writing workshop and event regarding the Polish government’s recent ruling on abortion laws. Find out more about why it is important to take action today by reading this fantastic article by our wonderful Events Planner, Yasmin: 


     Her Campus Bristol is growing really quickly; last year we only had a team size of around 20 and published 5 articles/week, and the year before that the chapter was so small it only published occasionally on an ad hoc basis! So we are really proud of how quickly we’ve grown already, but our main goal this year is to keep up the momentum and keep getting bigger. We would love to get to a point this year of consistently publishing 10 articles/week, and we would love to achieve Diamond level chapter status!​

     Another big goal of ours is also to continue hosting collaborative events with other societies on our campus as we are really eager to grow our campus presence. Her Campus is still a relatively small organisation in the UK, so we would love to be a core part of growing the brand on this side of the pond! 

Link your three favourite articles published on your chapter this semester:

We're fortunate to have so much passion from our contributors for spotlighting social causes, sparking important discussions with our reader base.  

Our favourite three articles have to be...  

‘Why we should strive to watch more ethical porn’ by Orla McHale 

'Why are there so few male social workers? The Gender Divide in Social Work’ by Electra Doyle 

‘Covid-19 and the future of the United Kingdom’ by Meghan Bryant


Third-year Law student and Co-President for Her Campus Bristol 2021-22. I'm interested in covering stories that communicate my passions and uplift inspirational women everywhere! Please reach out to hc.bristol@hercampus.com if you have any questions or want to get involved!
Co-President of Her Campus Bristol
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