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ICYMI: The Bachelor Week 8

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Buffalo chapter.

This week’s Bachelor episode is one of the most important episodes of every season, the week where Arie has the opportunity to go home with each of his remaining four girls and meet their families. Arie’s final four included Tia, Kendall, Becca and Lauren B.

            The episode began with Kendall’s hometown date back in Santa Clarita, CA, where Arie met Kendall’s parents and brother and sister. The date starts with the two exploring Kendall’s strange love affair with taxidermy, showing Arie all of her favorite “stuffed” animals. Arie’s horrified reaction was hilarious to watch but when asked how he feels about her hobby, he replied with “she’s just so quirky!” I guess that sums up how he feels for her. The date ended with dinner at her family’s home where her parents and sister warn Arie that she is not ready for marriage. The night ends with Arie leaving her home confused over Kendall’s feelings and questioning what she wants out of the couple’s relationship.

            The episode continues on to Tia’s hometown date, where the couple heads off to Weiner, AR. There Arie meets her parents and older, protective brother. The date starts with the couple racing cars together, something Arie seems to be pretty accustomed to. They then go back to Tia’s family home for dinner where the date unfolds perfectly for Tia. Her family addresses any issues they have about Arie and Arie is able to answer all if the family’s questions with elegance. The date ends with Tia exclaiming to Arie that she’s in love with him as they seal the date with a goodbye kiss.

            Next up is Becca K. Arie heads to Minnesota to meet her family and spend the day in an apple orchard with Becca. The two spend the day picking apples and making caramel apples in the cold Minnesota air. They then head back to her mom’s house where Arie meets Becca’s Uncle Gary and the rest of her family. Becca warns Arie about Uncle Gary, who has acted as a father figure to her ever since her dad passed away when she was 19. Uncle Gary shares his concerns with Arie and ends up feeling confident in the relationship that Arie and Becca have built together thus far. Becca’s hometown date ends with Arie confessing to Becca that he asked her mom for her blessing to marry her daughter, putting a huge smile on Becca’s face for the rest of the night.

            Finally, the hometown dates conclude in Virginia Beach, VA, where Arie meets Lauren B’s family. The day starts with the couple spending the day on the beach together, riding horses and enjoying a seafood lunch. They then head to Lauren’s home to meet her military family. Arie’s nerves are extremely apparent during the evening, even excusing himself from the table to calm his nerves in a different room. Lauren’s father was extremely intimidating and questioned Arie’s intentions with Lauren. The night ended very smoothly with Arie winning over Lauren’s dad, shocking America.

            Now onto the most anticipated part of each episode, the rose ceremony. After Arie stepped into the ceremony, he once again excused himself and asked if he could speak with Kendall. The two step outside where he asks her whether or not she is ready for marriage, giving Kendall the floor to explain how she feels, in the meantime, Tia looks like she may have a mental breakdown. The two step back inside where he then hands out his final three roses, ultimately eliminating Tia. Tia says her goodbyes in between sobs, questioning Arie about what she could have done wrong. His reply, “nothing, you did nothing wrong.” Tia accepts his answer and then exits the mansion.

            What is most of America anticipating? Tia as the next bachelorette!?

Sarina LoJacono is currently a senior at the University at Buffalo, majoring in communication. Besides attending school, she is also a manager at Alex and Ani Buffalo. She was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and loves everything the city has to offer. She is obsessed with everything and anything that has to do with fashion and beauty and aspires to be working in the industry one day. In her free time you can find her going out with friends, shopping or watching 10 Things I Hate About You over and over again. She is excited to take on whatever life has to offer!