How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

What to Do or Not to Do During Mercury Retrograde


If you’ve ever heard someone blame their “bad luck” on Mercury Retrograde and were unsure exactly what it was they were blaming it on, this is your crash course.


What is Mercury Retrograde?

For those of you who may not know what exactly Mercury Retrograde actually means, it is the term used for when Mercury passes Earth on its orbit. This happens four times throughout the year, as Mercury appears to “stop” and begin to spin backward “Retrograde,” of course Mercury is not actually spinning backward, it just appears to be, creating an optical illusion.

Why Does Mercury Retrograde Important?

If you’re anything like myself and look to the stars for an answer to any question you may have and read your daily horoscope than you will definitely feel the impact of Mercury Retrograde. Astrology defines Mercury as the ruler of communication, technology and travel. So for the approximate three weeks that Mercury is in Retrograde you may feel as if you have zero control over what is happening within those three aspects of your life.


Dos and Don’ts

If you’re wondering how you’re going to make it all the way to April 15th…here are some dos and don’ts to survive the rest of the retrograde.




1. Be sure to confirm dates, appointments and meetings far enough in advance to ensure the time and date of the date.

2. Plan reunions with loved ones and old friends!

3. Be sure to back up all of your devices! Ensuring the safety of your photos, contacts and documents.


1. Jump to conclusions. I know this is next to impossible, especially for me. But its very important to try to not make assumptions.

2. Leave late for appointments, meetings or flights. Be sure to plan out extra time for your travel time.

3.Give mixed messages or lead anyone on. Be sure to articulate everything you want to/mean to say. You do not want anyone jumping to conclusions about anything you say. 

Good luck throughout the rest of the Retrograde! We're in this together! Hopefully...