How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

With the cold approaching, everyone gets sick. Being sick while you have a million other things to do isn't fun! Here's how to prevent getting sick during the cold months!

1. Bundle up! 

When it's cold out wear multiple layers. You can show off your outfit once your inside, but in the meantime wear a jacket and a scarf to avoid getting a cold! If your room gets cold at night wear something to protect you neck so you don't get a sore throat in the morning!

2. Take Vitamin C!

You can drink orange juice or tke the actual tablets, but vitamin c helps in battling illness! If you feel something come on you can take an emergen-c and drink plenty of orange juice

3. Get your flu shot

This should be a given. You can get free flu shots on most college campuses!

4. If you get sick, make sure you take medicine!

If you do end up getting sick make sure you take what you need to get it over with as quickly as possible. Drink different teas to help your body heal!

5. Wash everything!!!

Wash your hands, face, clothes, and room. If you have people over your room try and clean it after so germs don't stay in. Wash your bed sheets often too. 

6. Get a humidifier

They add some moisture to the air so if you have a dry throat it helps so much! You can get them from Amazon or Target!

Overall try and avoid situations that can cause you to get sick. And if you do get sick it isn't the end of the world! Take your vitamins and eat your greens. Good lcuk in flu season!