How to Save Extra Cash During the Holidays

It's that time of year again, you know, when every extra dollar you earn gets put towards holiday shopping. Although, it is my favorite time of year and I love finding the perfect gifts for my family and friends, the holiday season literally drains my bank account. Over the years I've learned that even though I wish I could afford handfuls of gift for those close to me, I've learned some helpful ways of saving some money while still being able to spoil my loved ones. With that being said, here are five helpful money saving tips for this hectic time of year!

1. Every paycheck you receive up until the holidays, pull out a certain amount of money to use specifically for gifts. That way you allow yourself a budget each week and are not over spending. 

2. When ordering online always look up discount codes. This will insure you are getting the best deal. Many of your favorite YouTubers and influencers have discount codes with tons of your favorite brands, so make sure you do your research before purchasing anything online!

3. If shopping in store, do not be afraid to use coupons! Literally though. For example, I received a free full size Bath & Body Works lotion for bringing in a coupon while shopping. Don't ever be embarrassed about using coupons, at the end of the day it's saving you money and you're still getting exactly what you wanted.

4. Shopping after Black Friday will always save you money. Many store start their Black Friday deals on the shopping holiday and continue similar if not the same deals through the holiday season! 

5. Make sure to create an exact list of what you're looking for, this always helps me. By writing a list of everything you're purchasing for each person, you save money and are not walking around aimlessly adding unnecessary items to your cart! I've always been guilty of this, but as soon as I write down what I'm looking for, I am in and out of stores and still have more than five dollars to my name.