How to Prevent Chapped Lips

Buffalo winters. Everyone here at UB has to live through them, embrace them, and we all take pride in that struggle together. Many people who have never had to endure a Buffalo winter will never understand how the wind takes your breath away, the type of cold that makes your eyes water, or the strong winds that give you burning chapped lips. One of the few things on this list that I am here to help you with are those dry uncomfortable lips. It’s painful, it burns, and it can even be distracting at times.


One of the many ways I fight those uncomfortably dry lips is through using Rosebud Salve by Smith’s. I have very sensitive skin which means that fragrance or things with strong chemicals are often a big no for me however, this is gentle, smells like roses, and leaves my lips soft and smooth. It even great for those of us who suffer from really dry hands. I’ll often take a little bit and apply it to my knuckles or other rough patches.


Another way I fight dry lips is by hydrating. Water has so many crucial benefits and staying hydrated can really help you combat the cold and will help to keep your lips super smooth as well as your skin hydrated and free of blemishes. Water, at least in my family, is the end all be all and can cure everything.


The third way that I fight dry chapped lips in the winter is to stop licking those chapped lips. They actually do more harm than good because they end up just drying your lips out more. When you lick your lips you provide them with quick moisture but it evaporates quickly which leaves you with even drier lips than you started out with.


If you’re really at a loss for healing those dry lips and you have tried all these previous tips is to try changing the way you breathe. If you’re a mouth breather you’re once again drying out that pretty pout because you’re making all the moisture in your lips evaporate which once again dries them out faster.


One of the final options that you should try if all else fails is to take a vitamin. Vitamin B is great for your hair, nails, and skin. It can actually improve the way your body retains moisture. If you really can’t fight off those dry chapped lips using any of these tips listed then you should really see a doctor. It could be a sign of a deficiency or an allergy which should be checked out and confirmed by an allergist.


I hope these tips help to keep you with soft, kissable lips! Dry and chapped lips are not a good look for anybody so make sure your take care of your pout. As always, thanks for reading and I hope these tips prove to be helpful to you!