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How to Have Fun at Home During Spring Break

         If your like me, scrolling on instagram and being jealous of the people that are somewhere tropical for spring break while you’re stuck at home this might be for you! I rarely go anywhere nice for spring break because I’m usually saving it for when it’s really cold and gross AKA winter break. Here are some tips for spring break if you are staying at home!


1. Reconnect with old friends

        Being in college makes a lot of people out of touch with their friends back home. There are probably a lot of people who also aren’t going anywhere, so hit them up to hang! It’s a good way to know what’s going on in their life and see how much you’ve both grown since high school. 

2. Hang out with your family

       My mom and I are so close, so when I’m away at college it sucks I can barely see her. So we always go out to eat and make a day for ourselves. I also have a brother who’s currently attending West Point and our schedules never match up, so I’ll only see him for a day and then he leaves. But for that one day I make sure catch up on everything that’s going on in my life. 

3. Go to the gym or take a class

      I know no one wants to go to the gym during break, but sometimes when you literally have nothing to do it might be the best thing. If you don’t like going to the gym then take a zumba or kick boxing class! There are so many deals you can find on Groupon. It’s a fun way exercise! 


4. Spend some time for yourself

      Read a good book or just go pamper yourself. Coming back from all the stress that is college can really take a toll on you. Go out buy yourself and maybe get your nails or hair done and you can come back from break looking like a whole new person. You can also finally take a nice bath in your own bathroom and spend as long as you like without worrying about other people needing to use it. Go to the mall and go shopping for the warmer months to come!

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