How to Get Weekend Ready During the Week!

Have a big weekend coming up? Preparing for a big weekend might take a couple days to actually prepare.

stressed help me GIF by HelloGigglesHere are some ways during the week to make sure your prepared for your big weekend!


If you wear makeup and you know you're going to be wearing it for a long time during your weekend, try and give your skin a break during the week. Focus on your skincare to prepare it for everything your about to throw on it. During the week do something minimal to no products! Here's a skin routine to keep your skin glowing and ready.


If you are like me, you bloat like there's no tomorrow. I try to look my best before big events and that doesn't include my after lunch tummy.

danab_number3 barstool dana GIF by Barstool SportsDuring the week I usually eat very clean with lots of green veggies! Make sure you still eat your needed carb intake so you aren't hungry and still get all the nutrients. I usually eat most of my carbs in the morning so I don't wake up bloated! Drink lots of water so your skin is glowing and your hydrated the whole weekend!

Shaving/hair care

All my foreign girls know having thick hair is a blessing and a curse! The hair on my head might be thick, but I don't want the same on my body! So during the week I don't put any heat on my hair and do plenty of hair masks! I try to keep it strong and shiny and hydrated. For my body hair I usually shave and exfoliate 1-2 days before my weekend so it's still fresh and hair won't grow back that quick! Here's my favorite shaving video to help you get baby smooth!

During your weekend or event no matter what, make sure you stay hydrated and stay safe! If you're drinking get in some water after every two drinks. If you're with your boo play it safe and always pee after ya know ;)