How to get an A from a Teaching Assistant perspective

1. Actually go to lecture/lab.

This may seem like a given for most students because you are paying for your education so why wouldn’t you go to class? However, I see multiple students complaining about not being able to receive the notes from friends because they “slept through lecture” or had prior “commitments.” Your number one occupation right now is being a student, everything else should come second to that.

2. Review your notes right after lecture

    I KNOW this sounds ridiculous and like such common sense but I still have to force myself to do so. Reviewing notes right after your lecture allows yourself to fully grasp concepts and make it easier for re-call later on in the semester.

3. Use pictures to study

      I cannot stress this enough. Sit side by side with your lab and your lecture notes and actually LOOK at what you’re learning. If you’ve never seen the inside of the kidney before, pull up a picture and visualize what you are making a quizlet on. I actually put pictures into my quizlets to help me study as well.

4. Use the “learn” mode of quizlet

       The typical flashcard setting on quizlet can be beneficial if you fully are attentive to actually quizzing yourself on the material. A lot of the time when I use the simple flash card setting I find my mind  wandering to other things or getting distracted by my phone. The learn option makes you type out what you put onto the flashcard so it is direct recall to allow you to learn it better.


5. Re-write your notes/important concepts

I re-write all my notes in my more challenging courses. It is proven that writing things down can help you easier remember what you are learning. However, it does take a lot of time to do so, especially in 300+ level science courses but with that being said, it is definitely worth it. Draw yourself pictures too! Draw out diagrams and label them yourself, use it as a quiz to see what you know/don’t know!