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The semester is ending (whoo!). Whether you spend the last few weeks procrastinating, studying, or desperately cleaning your room and ignoring the increasing pile of assignments — take a breather and try a few hobbies, recommended from someone who’s tried all of them:


A relatively inexpensive hobby to try out, you could get a big pack of embroidery floss, a needle, and a hoop off of Amazon for less than $15. Use old fabrics as a canvas, or upgrade a piece of clothing you already have; either way, it’s a relaxing and meditative activity to pick up.

Trash journaling

If you’re as sentimental as I am, you have tins full of random scraps: receipts from dinners with friends, cute packaging from products, and flyers from places you’ve been. Trash journaling is exactly what it sounds like — stick all of that in a notebook, decorate it if you’d like, and track the tidbits you’ve collected as the notebook grows.

Baking/Cake Decorating

So your cupcakes didn’t turn out like the picture on the recipe — who cares? As broke college students, most of us are more than happy to eat misshapen baked goods. If baking is too stressful, skip that step entirely and redecorate pre-made cakes or cookies to your liking.

Glass Engraving

A bit more complicated, but a fantastic way to label the mason jars most college students collect throughout their time at school (just me?). There’s a learning curve with using the dremel, but being able to customize almost everything is a lot of fun, and it makes for great gifts too!


Another craft that doesn’t cost too much to start. Once you get the hang of it, the repetitiveness of this craft is soothing and a fun way to keep your hands busy as you watch your favorite TV show or suffer through another remote lecture. The possibilities are endless — plushies, cat hats, leg warmers, plus the sense of pride when someone compliments you and you get to say “Thanks, I made it myself!”

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