High Heels? No Problem!

Every girl loves a beautiful pair of high heels but after few hours the pain of these shoes can be almost unbearable. Here are some survival tips to making the heels of your dreams just a little more wearable:


  1. One of the best ways to make a pair of high heels a little more comfortable is to start by wearing them in. You can easily do this by wearing your heels for an hour or two a day. Do this a week or so before you plan on wearing them for a full day. This will help the shoes adjust to the way you walk and you’ll get a better understanding of how to distribute your weight as you walk.

  2. Another huge tip for making heels more comfortable is to go for a shoe with a thicker heel. Having a thicker heel will grant you more stability and will help alleviate some of the pressure from the balls of your feet.

  3. Now depending on the height of the heel you’re wearing it might even be smart to buy a shoe that’s half a size bigger than what you normally wear. This is especially helpful because the longer you wear a heel the more your feet might begin to get sore and swollen. Buying half a size bigger will allow you to be a little more comfortable in the long run.

  4. Shoe insoles. I can’t stress how much of a life saver shoe insoles can be. They sell removable insoles and gel insoles at almost any local convenience store. These insoles might seem insignificant but in the long run they actually help you walk better and can offer you some serious support to alleviate pain in your feet.

  5. The final tip I have for all of my heel lovers is to tape your third and fourth toes together. Yes, I’m aware that I sound like a nutjob but when you do this you actually take all the pressure off of the stress nerves in your feet and you even give those little nerve endings some support in the long run!

I hope these tips prove to be helpful for all of you avid heel lovers and remember to keep strutting your stuff like no one’s watching!