Here’s to our Mother’s, From the Daughters Who Never Thought They’d Miss them this Much

Mom –

I bet you never expected this day to come. A letter dedicated all to you, just to tell you just how much you are appreciated and I wish it didn’t take me almost 2 years of college to realize it. It’s no secret we both could not wait for the day that I moved away to college and if we’re being honest, I was counting down the days to be on my own. You would always nag me to do chores and it wasn’t a day in the life of mother and daughter unless we bickered at least once back and forth over something…no seriously, anything. I wish I didn’t wish away the days that you could always be there because now I miss you more than ever.

Mom, you are such a hard-working and independent woman. I first want to say thank you for cleaning up after me, cooking me dinner and comforting me when I was sick. I never realized how much it sucks to have the flu, or a stomach virus and not have you there to stick by my side and make me feel better. This is the first thing I learned from being away from you; a mother’s love is unconditional. You really would do anything for me and a little thing such as taking care of me when I am sick becomes a huge thing when you can’t be here. Thank you for always taking care of me when I was sick. I never realized how much I needed you for that until I didn’t have the privilege anymore.

Thank you for always cooking me dinner. The second thing I realized when I came to college; I do not know how to cook. I find myself eating sandwiches and cereal 5 nights a week and god forbid I ever remember to defrost the chicken so I could actually eat it. I also never have time and you would make time even after a long day of work. You never forgot and always have a variety of dinners. I always look forward to coming home for breaks because you are such a great cook and it’s refreshing to have something other than honey nut cheerios for dinner.

Thank you for being my biggest fan. Whenever I need motivation in school and just want to give up, you are just a phone call away and there to tell me I can do it and I am doing great. When I am stressed you are there to listen no matter how long I need to complain for. Whether you know it or not, you’re encouragement and the fact that you believe in me means the world to me.

Last but not least, I want to thank you for making me who I am today because without you, I wouldn’t be me, and I’m proud of me. I hope you are too.