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Her Campus X Sweet Chef: The New Carrot Ginger Skin Care Line

Her Campus at Buffalo had the amazing opportunity to try out and review the new Carrot Ginger Skin Care Line from the brand Sweet Chef-and I am obsessed.  If this is your first time hearing about this brand, let me tell you more!  Sweet Chef is a vegan and certified cruelty-free skin care line that is formulated with actual vitamins and vegetables.  This brand was made in Korea, influenced by the K-Beauty trend of layering serums, also known as ‘double-seruming.’  For some background on this new phenomenon, the idea behind this method is that two separate bottles are sold together to be used together.  These products never come into contact with each other until you apply them onto your skin, which maintains the effectiveness of the oil and water soluble ingredients.  The importance of this balance of soluble ingredients is that it comes as close as possible to the composition of the hydrolipid film of the skin.  If you want to try this out for yourself, check out this tutorial video!

Sweet Chef sent me two of their new products: the carrot ginger and salicylic acid pore cleanser and the carrot ginger blemish rescue patches.  I will start out by reviewing the pore cleanser.  The packaging is so cute, with a carrot colored bottle and two cartoon carrots on the front!  There is also a foam pump for dispensing the product.  The product itself has a light, foamy texture.  There is also no scent which I absolutely love because added fragrances can cause skin irritation.  You pump 1-2 pumps onto your palms and massage the product into your skin for one full minute.  Then rinse the product off your face and gently pat your skin with a towel.  The foam feels so nice on the skin, I feel so radiant and refreshed after!  After using this cleanser for the past week, I have already noticed a significant difference in my skin.  My pores are smaller, my skin tone is more even, and my face is overall more radiant.  The pore cleanser gives you a glowy look, but not in the sense of your face being greasy.  I would highly recommend this product for minimizing pores and clearing up acne.  There’s also something about foam that feels so relaxing on the skin.

The next product is the blemish patches!  I was especially excited about these because I’m not going to lie, peeling off the patches is so satisfying.  The package comes with 36 patches!  The sizes vary from extra small to extra large, for blemishes of all sizes.  The medium patches have such a cute design, with a yellow background and orange carrots and hearts.  The rest of the patches are clear.  They are so thin and feel like they are not even there!  To apply, make sure your face has been cleansed and is completely dry.  Then apply the patch and leave it on for six hours or until the patch turns white.  I used all of the different sizes and they work amazingly.  My favorite are the extra large patches, which are shaped like rectangles.  I put the extra large patch on my cheek, where I had a lot of pores.  I was not sure if it was going to work since there were no actual pimples there, but lo and behold, they dragged out my pores!  I could see them on the strip itself.  I applied the smaller ones on my other blemishes and the patches dragged them out so nicely.  Some of them popped onto the patch and others were brought to the surface, so all I had to do was pop them.  The next day the redness and swelling went down, and my face was looking nice and clear again!  I really appreciate that Sweet Chef provided different sizes for various blemishes, unlike other brands that only come with one size.

I am so grateful that I was sent these wonderful products and I will definitely be buying more Sweet Chef products in the future!  There are also value sets you can purchase from them, giving you all the products you will need.  It has been about two weeks since I have been using these products, and my skin has really cleared up and has become more evenly toned and radiant.  I also appreciate that there are no additives in these products that irritate the skin.  I will put links to Sweet Chef’s website and products below, along with links to Her Campus at Buffalo’s socials so you can watch my upcoming video review.

Sweet Chef’s website: https://sweetchefskincare.com

Carrot ginger and salicylic acid pore cleanser: https://sweetchefskincare.com/collections/trending-now/products/carrot-ginger-salicylic-acid-pore-cleanser

Carrot ginger blemish rescue patches: https://sweetchefskincare.com/collections/trending-now/products/carrot-ginger-blemish-rescue-patches

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