Healthy Habits For the New Semester!

With the start of a new semester, we can change some parts of our lifestyle for our own benefit! Adding some healthy habits can make you feel better, physically and mentally! 


If you don't eat breakfast, START EATING BREAKFAST. 

      When they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it really is! When you have early classes, you feel tired and groggy. With a little food in your system, you feel much more awake and ready to take on your day. Eating breakfast also kick starts digestion, so if you are looking to make changes in your diet, eating breakfast helps! if you think you have no time to make breakfast here are some ideas of meal prep!

Being active

      No one is asking for anyone to have a crazy gym routine! But being active can help you feel more energized in your week. Walk to class if you can, go on a walk at the end of the day. If you have access to a gym, do some light work! Walking on the treadmill is a start and a perfect way to be active without over doing it. I always schedule phone calls with my friends and when I do i always make sure to walk around while I do it! Little things can help you be active without you even realizing it! 


      I never started to journal until last semester. It honestly has helped me so much in regards of my mental health. At the end of the day before I go to sleep, I write down what happened each day and how I felt. I also write how I can make things better or if they were good, how to improve to make it even better. My journal is only for me to read. I write down exactly how I feel good or bad. It's like having a conversation with yourself and checking in. Also having a cute journal that I feel like is perfect for me, makes me wanna write in it more everyday!

Image result for journalThese are just some healthy habits that have helped me. It's never too late to make a lifestyle change that can help you so much in your future! New semester, New you!