Happy Galentine’s Day!

February 13th is known as Galentine’s Day, the day to celebrate your love and appreciation for your gal pals! Coined from the inspirational Leslie Knope of TV’s popular Parks and Recreation, this day gives us a chance to brunch it out and pow-wow with our girls for simple, happy times. Here’s 6 ideas for you and your friends to prance around Buffalo while parading your never-ending friendship:


  1. Amy’s Place: Brunch because…. duh.
  2. Canalside in downtown Buffalo: What don’t they have here? Winter lodge, brew & popcorn, and all the beautiful artwork setup along the water
  3. Personalized gift bags: Whether it’s their favorite candy or a cute gag gift, these little sentiments show how much your girl gang means to you
  4. Baking party!: Cookies, brownies, blondies, cupcakes, rise crispy treats, etc. I’m sure Michael’s has more than enough cute and frilly baking decorations for all your Galentine’s day dessert needs.
  5. Ice skating: Because falling on your butt in front of your friends is way, way funnier than embarrassingly face-planting right next to your Valentine’s day date
  6. Good old movie night: Nothing gets better than a wine night at home, popcorn, a tear-filled RomCom, and your best buds. Maybe even a quick froyo/ice cream run before the movie for a sweet treat. (Holla at Yotality for always being there for me and my roommates when our froyo needs are acting up, we love you) 


So call up the ladies for a perfect day of #GIRLPOWER and some awesome friendship fun, because it doesn't get better than this.