Hangry Cravings

My name is Leah Wong and I love all things food. If you’re anything like me you’re always hungry. Getting frustrated and don’t know where to eat? Here are my go-to food spots:

1. McDonald’s

There is nothing like those golden arches and a hard workout I deserve it. My usual is a 10-piece McNugget, fries and an apple pie. Iced coffee never optional. These nuggets will definitely get you dancing in your seat especially after a girl’s night out. Girls supporting hangry girls are bridesmaid material am I right?

2. Taco Bell

ALL! ABOUT! THAT! CRUNCHWRAP! SUPREME! There are days where I will order two for myself, take it home and eat it in peace. Just thinking about it makes me want to go get one right now. Of course, you need to get a Baja Blast too and DON’T forget the Cinnabon Delights. They are the perfect ending to my midnight hangry craving.

3. Mighty Taco

I don’t know about you but I am team Taco Bell but on the rare occasion, I am with a fellow Buffalonian we go to Mighty. This is a great option after a night out but still… Yo quiero Taco Bell.

4. Sato Ramen

This place is definitely one of my Buffalo favorites. It’s one of the most affordable sit in places I go to. They have different locations but the one I go to is near the South Campus on Main St. My favorite appetizers are the Kimchi and Harumaki Spring Rolls. The ramen to get is their Sato Tonkotsu Ramen but in case they run out of the rich pork bone broth, get their Sato Ramen which is pretty similar. If you’re not feeling ramen that day get a donburi (rice bowl). Their Gyu Don is thin-sliced beef and onion simmered in a mild, sweet sauce the best part is it comes with the 2 spring rolls. To end off the meal I recommend their Coconut Honey Rice Pudding. Sato Ramen will hit the spot on a cold Buffalo day.

5. Sizzles

A campus favorite at the University at Buffalo is Sizzles. It’s open late and you can use your monopoly money on it. This late night stop is convenient especially when you are dorming in Ellicott with extra meal swipes and dining dollars.