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Get Coachella Ready with Eva hair products!

Everyone knows about Coachella & if you’re like me, you probably had major FOMO. Coachella is amazing for so many reasons- music, fashion, beauty, and art. While it’s a music festival, its also a fashion show! I love looking at all of the celebrities and festival goers because their outfits, makeup, and hair are always on point!

I discovered a new line of hair products called Eva NYC and guess where these products are sold? TARGET. Yup, Target does it again! Eva NYC was born in Brooklyn & it’s such a fun, girly brand. My products even came with cute stickers that say “Hello, I’m NYC.”

I got this pretty floral flat-iron and matching blow dryer! I can finally replace my holiday tartan printed Chi straightener which even my boyfriend said was hideous! 


Last night, I used the straightener and it works phenomenally! For only $50, I got this beautiful straightener that works just like any other.  It totally gets rid of any frizziness & leaves my hair silky smooth. Since its brand new, I also don’t get that burnt hair smell! If you’re due for a new straightener & happen to be at Target, do yourself a favor & snag one! I’m so excited to bring this with me on my travels instead that ugly Chi.

Everything about the brand is cute- branding, advertising, packaging, and of course, the product!


This is me straightening my crazy mane!

Me admiring my super silky smooth hair!

I have yet to use the blow dryer but just look at it! I love that I have a matching set. The blow dryer sells for $70 but if you go on their website, you can get 15% for signing up on their mailing list! Best of all, they also sell haircare products like shampoo & conditioner. Next time, I’ll have to empty my wallet on those products.  I’m thinking of trying the travel products as I will be going on a trip very soon! 

Next time, you need to look fab like Coachella Weekend 2 or anywhere. I suggest checking out Eva NYC.


Nabila Ismail is a first year Pharmacy Student at the University at Buffalo in New York from Saratoga, NY. Outside of her science pursuits, she enjoys fashion, writing, and traveling. She just came back from spending a whole summer in Italy as a nanny & English Tutor. She's very excited to have Her Campus at her school this year!
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