February 14, a day of showering loved ones with gifts and appreciation. For many, this day brings joy, but some who are single do not care about this day. Whatever the situation is, do not fear! There is an opportunity for celebrations to continue and for your love to go around!


Have a girl-friend or a group of girl-friends? February 13th is the day for you. Galentine’s Day, originating from a T.V. show titled Parks and Recreation, is a day where you can show your gals how much they mean to you! Being sincere with your feelings and validating friends who might need it, especially during these times, is something worth doing at least once a year. 


Galentine’s Day does not have to be expensive! Whether you go out for brunch, or stay inside and make TikToks showing your best acting and dancing skills, your true friends will appreciate the time spent. Have a girl’s night, order out, exchange gifts, the list goes on and on!  Whatever you do, this is the perfect time to acknowledge your friends and the impact they have on your life. “A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double.” - Toni Morrison.