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Frighteningly Delicious Treats or is It a Trick?

For Halloween this year whether you are staying in or having a safe party, impress your guests and yourself with some creative spooktacular recipes! Spice up the treats with a few tricks and you’ll have people begging for more!

Ghost Pizza 

Ingredients: Pizza dough (room temperature for 1 hour), pizza/marinara/choice of sauce, mozzarella cheese, and large pitted olives.


Place the rack on the bottom third of your oven, preheat to 425°F, and lightly oil your baking sheet.

On a lightly floured surface, shape your pizza and place it on a lightly oiled baking sheet.

Spread the sauce of your choice on top of the dough leaving ½ inch borders all around the pizza, and bake until puffed and golden brown (about 15 minutes).

Cut cheese into ghost shapes, and cut olives into tiny ovals and circles. 

Take the ghost-shaped cheese and place them around your pizza and top with small pieces of olives for the eyes and mouth of the ghost.

Place pizza in oven again and take out when the cheese just starts to look melted (1-2 minutes).

     *Want to make it a ghostly trick? Crush some ghost peppers and mix it in the pizza sauce in step iii*

Charcuterie Board with a Scary Twist

Ingredients: For pumpkin-shaped cheese, you will need 15/4 cups of shredded cheddar, 3 packages of cream cheese, 3/2 tsp of garlic salt, and 1 tsp of dry mustard.

                    For the rest of the board, you need your choice of your meats, crackers/bread, cheeses, and fruit.


Place cheddar, cream cheese, garlic salt, and mustard into a food processor and blend until smooth.

Coat the pumpkin pan mold with nonstick spray and pack the mixture tightly in (you can also simply use plastic wrap and shape them yourself) and wrap with plastic wrap. Chill overnight in the fridge.

Cut your meats, cheeses, bread, and fruits into different spooky shapes (ghosts, cauldrons, Frankenstein, vampire teeth, bats, etc).

Plate everything onto the board and you have yourself a fun scary board to devour!

Monster Breadsticks 

Ingredients: Spray food coloring (orange, yellow, and green), almond, poppy seeds (optional), already made breadstick dough, and 1 large egg white.


Preheat oven to 375°F and line the baking sheet with nonstick foil. Takeout the breadstick dough and cut it into 24 strips, roll pieces into 10 inch or so long ropes and shape them into finger shapes.

Space the “finger” 2 inches apart on the baking sheet and take the three food coloring sprays and lightly tint each finger with all three colors, brush lightly with egg white, press an almond into each finger (this will be the fingernail), and sprinkle with poppy seeds.

Bake until puffed or lightly browned (approximately 13 minutes) and cool.

Eyeball Spaghetti

Ingredients: 2 lb of ground beef, 1 package of stuffing, 1 cup of water, 2 eggs, tomato/choice of pasta sauce, spaghetti, pitted black olives cut into slices, and mozzarella string cheese cut into quarters.


Mix ground beef, stuffing mix, water, eggs, and ¼ cup of pasta sauce.

Shape them into meatballs and then place a piece of the string cheese on top of each meatball. Place a sliced olive on top of the cheese to resemble an eyeball.

Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the meatballs are thoroughly cooked. As this bakes, prepare your spaghetti and sauce, then eat!

Mummy Bananas

Ingredients: Vegan puff pastry, bananas, and chocolate chips.


Preheat the oven to 350°F and cut the puff pastry into 1 cm wide strips. Peel the bananas and wrap the puff pastry around the banana like the mummy’s wrappings, make sure to leave an empty spot for the eyes.

Place on a baking sheet and bake until golden brown or for 25 minutes.

Cool for a little then gently press chocolate chips into the banana for the eyes.

*Make it an extra delicious treat by serving with ice cream!*

Enjoy these delicious treats and don’t forget the tricks. Have a safe and haunting Halloween!

Tiffany is currently a full-time student at SUNY Buffalo majoring in biological sciences. She loves to travel, cook, paint, and go on adventures. She aspires to be a doctor one day and make the world a better place.
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