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With Spring Break coming up, you gotta get teh cutest bathing suits in season! Living in a cold place like Buffalo, it’s kinda hard to find swim suits in stores. Here are my favorite places to buy swim suits online!

1. Zaful

Zaful is a huge online store that became popular really quick. Their clothes are cheap and affordable. Only downside is shipping might take forever and their sizing might not always be true to size. Always read the reviews to see which options are reliable and might fit you best. Personally I’ve had only good items from Zaful so check them out!


2. Forever 21 

Of course Forever 21 is always a life saviour. They have cute quick fashion pieces and always have bathing suits on their site! They are always having a sale so your guarunteed to find something you’ll like for super cheap! Downside to them however, they aren’t always catered to my curvy girls out there. You can find pieces of course but any bigger sizes are always unavailable or sold out. Give them a try!


3.Fashion Nova

If you haven’t seen Fashion Nova on your Instagram feed you’re missing out! The Kardashians and Jenners wear them all the time! They also are catered to curvy girls out there! Their selections are always unique and you can’t find their pieces anywhere else! Fashion Nova outfits and bathing suits are a little revealing so if you want something mroe covering they might not be the place for you! They have so many pages of options so find one you like!



To my plus size girls out their this is the website for you. Asos has all different sizes and variations of bathing suits. This is one of m favorite places to shop because their tops and bottoms fit me amazing. They’re quality is amazing. But for the amazing quality they are on the pricey side. However they are totally worth it!


5. Amazon

Now most people don’t think about getting they’re clothes from Amazon, but surprisingly they have an amazing selection of clothes and bathing suits. And with Amazon prime they come super quick! Since it’s such a variety, it might be hard to findwhat your looking for, but with some patience and a lot of searching you’ll find what you need! Always read the reviews and size charts to make sure you’re getting what you need!



Happy shopping!

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