Fall Fashion for People Who Aren't Into Fashion

I would describe my everyday style as bum chic. I like to wear a full face of makeup, but wear it with sweatpants. I don't follow fashion trends and usually wear what I feel the mot comfortable in. As I'm getting older I'm realizing I can't always wear sweatpants and a large T-shirt everyday. 

Here are some fall/winter staples that are super cute, but still comfortable for everyday wear!


Basic color turtleneck

Throw on a pair of jeans with sneakers or boots and you have a cute fall look!

Oversized sweater

I love wearing big sweaters with leggings because I'm super comfy, while looking like I tried that day!

Checkout zaful.com for plenty of affordable sweaters!

Ankle boots

I know the heel might scare some people off, but hear me out. Chunky heels are actually super comfy and if you find the right pair, they won't be difficult to walk in! I love getting my boots from hm.com because they have a wide variety of chunky booties. They also have boots with no heel on them!


Comfy hat

I love wearing hats when my hair feels gross, but sometimes I look like a trucker. Wearing a beanie makes me feel cute, still covering my hair like Iwanted it to! Forever 21 have a great selection of beanies with or without the pom pom at the end!

You don't need all the latestbrands to look cute in the fall! Dressing up basic pieces can make you look like you got style!