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There are so many things that we forget when we are facing troubles in our everyday life. One bad thing happens and we think our life is over! Here are a few statements to remember when you think that life couldn’t get any worse.


   1. A low grade in one class doesn’t define you

Failing one test or failing even a class doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.  It sucks not getting the grade you wanted but what sucks even more is constantly beating yourself over it when you’ve tried your best. That exam grade won’t even matter a year from now.


   2. Friends come and go, just like boys

Breaking up with a best friend is sometimes worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. However, if a friend isn’t treating you the way you should be treated then there is no issue with breaking up with them. Nobody is perfect, but we all deserve to be respected. Keep your mind open. Meeting new people will definitely help bring amazing people into your life. When you try new things, you either like it or hate it. When it comes to friends, we learn what we like in people and what we don’t. Real friends are hard to find but they make the wait worth it.


   3.It is okay to mess up

    We always face the issue of needing to be perfect in everything we do. But some of the greatest things we learn are through messing up. Being perfect is boring. However, working through and learning from the mistakes you have made are what make us insightful as human beings.


   4.  There really is nobody in the world like you

  Many of us often have similar personalities. But, we also have things that set us apart from others. The way you smile, your laugh, the things that irritate you….all set us apart. Stop comparing yourself to your ex’s new girlfriend or the Victoria’s Secret model everyone loves. They may not have the qualities that make you as amazing as you are.



   5. Your opinion is the only one that matters

We often take into consideration the opinions of our parents or friends. However, they aren’t living your life. If you want to go get drunk but your parents hate it, who cares? You are allowed to live the life you want to live. At the end of the day, people may not actually always know what is best for you. If you want to live a happy life, set your own path.


Fourth year Political Science and English Literature Major at UBC. Vancouverite/South Asain/ Canadian. Lover of coffee and Beyonce.
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