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Did Big Sean Really Cheat on Jhene Aiko?

As many of you have probably seen, mostly on twitter, that there’s been a rumor going on that Big Sean cheated on Jhene Aiko with Nicole Scherzinger. But is it true? We’re seeing tweets from her on March 13 denying that he had cheated on her.


She’s also posted on instagram, trash talking journalists that have posted those rumors. Everyone’s wondering if this is just a cover up or if it’s true that nothing has happened. As they are both denying it, there’s no confirmation on whether its true or not.. If it is true then what is Jhene gonna do with that tattoo of his face she got?!


From this, there’s also been posts about Jay-Z cheating on Beyoncé, and Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid breaking up.


Zayn and Gigi’s relationship has basically been confirmed as over after we saw that Zayn went and unfollowed Gigi and her whole fam on Instagram.


All these iconic couples falling apart, why? Are boys the problem after all?

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