Dealing with Election Day Stress

With the recent passing of Election Day, and the anticipation of what the results are going to show, many people on either side of the spectrum are experiencing stress and anxiety. Your mental health matters, regardless of the results. Here are some tips to relax and to gain some control in your life during these unprecedented times (Before I mention these tips, please understand that in no way this is meant to belittle any feelings one may have but instead is here to help).

The media is easily accessible these days whether on our phones or on the television. Seeing or hearing about the election is something that has not been easy to turn away from. With so many hot topics at stake, it is no shock that catching a break from everything will be hard. Hearing everyone’s opinions, hearing about projections, and hearing inaccurate data can be nerve-racking. Some tips that could help with the stress are:

Limit how much media you consume.

The biggest tip that is probably going to be the most helpful is to limit the media you consume. This means scrolling through social media, watching the news on T.V., and more. Try to steer away from hearing any opinions and try to keep your mind sane. The more you hear about it and are exposed to it, the more nerve-racking it may be.

Limit the amount of times you check on the progress of the results.

Constantly checking on the results can also cause anxiety. This election is different this year because of Covid-19 and the many ways people chose to vote. People across the country are doing the best they can to get the votes as quickly as they can. Just remain calm, and remember until all the votes are counted, the race will not be over with.

Take breaks and take time for yourself.

If you are limiting media consumption and limiting the amount of times you check the results, you should take time to yourself. Understand that yes, there is so much at stake, but live in the present and not so much in the future. Right now is the best time to reflect on your mental state, and if you need help please reach out for help. Watch a Netflix series, a movie, create TikTok dances, do something to keep your mind distracted if needed.

Just in case.

At the end of the day, when results come in and your candidate selection did not win, please take time to reflect. If your pick did not win, process it, cry if you need to, let out your anger if necessary (but do not hurt yourself or others). Just do something to find some type of relief. Just know that you are not alone. If your candidate wins, also take time to reflect and breathe now that the anticipation of getting the results is finally over. At any rate, be safe, and please try to stay as calm as you can until we know who will be the winner.