Binge Worthy TV Shows

What we watch on TV at any age impacts us more than we are willing to admit. Whether it be the news which sometimes can leave viewers feeling negative afterwards or something a little more light and hearty, we are all susceptible to impressions and suggestions based on what we view. The following shows have either greatly impacted my life, are helping me to realize the possibilities for my future, has an interesting storyline with character development and an underlining theme or is just flat out funny. Please remember that at the end of the day TV shows are just that, TV shows. Take the lessons from them or not but unless they are based on a true story, which even then producers can embellish the story a bit know that it's not real.

  1. Sponge Bob

  2. Lucifer

  3. Euphoria

  4. Greys Anatomy

  5. Bones

  6. Money Heist

  7. Sense 8

  8. Big Mouth

  9. New Girl

  10. Explained Netflix Original

  11. Dear White People

  12. Nikita 

  13. The Magicians 

  14. Kyle XY

  15. The Fosters

  16. Switched at Birth

  17. Scandal

  18. Awkward

  19. Girl Code/ Guy Code

  20. Roswell (1999)

  21. Teen Wolf