The Bachelor Recap: I Love You, and You

This week’s episode of The Bachelor was a very important week for the remaining contestants. Arie, Lauren, Becca and Kendall headed to Peru to spend one of their final weeks together exploring the scenery while anticipating the night ahead, that of course being spending the night together in the fantasy suite.

The episode started with Kendall and Arie’s date. The two spend their day riding a dune buggy through the sand dunes, “surfing” down the sand dunes and of course enjoy a picnic in the sand. The two confess that they’re falling in love with one another, a huge step for Kendall so far this season. The couple then heads to the fantasy suite and spend the night “talking” and getting to know each other better.

The next morning Arie and Kendall seem to be happier together than they have been this entire season. After making breakfast together Arie asks Kendall how she feels not only physically, but also emotionally…making America extremely uncomfortable. The couple’s date seemed to go extremely well, having enjoyed their time together.


Next up for the fantasy suite date is Lauren. The two spend their day on an airplane to view the Nazca lines. Throughout the entire plane ride Lauren once again comes off emotionless to the audience. Arie expresses that he feels as if he only gets to see “glimpses of her true self,” that being much more than America has seen. The two head to the evening portion of their date where they express how in love they are with one another and how they can see themselves spending the rest of their lives together.

The morning after we got to see the couple discuss how they love the direction their relationship is going and how confident Lauren is that Arie is only in love with her, little does she know…

Last, but not least, Arie and Becca get to spend their date on a yacht, which in my opinion would be the best way to spend a day together before possibly meeting your boyfriend’s family. The two have a “perfect” date together where they reenact Jack and Rose’s famous Titanic scene, PSA: Jack and Rose did it better. Arie and Becca then head to the sand dunes where they enjoy a candle lit dinner in a tent together, where the two express how in love they are with one another. That now being the second girl Arie has told he loves. They then head to their hotel tent and spend the night together.

The morning after their date the two once again enjoy another meal in the sand, constantly expressing their love for one another and how they feel as though nothing could come in between them, that is for the next few hours at least. After Becca returns to her hotel she has a knock on her door from her ex-boyfriend of seven years, Ross. It turns out Ross flew all the way to Peru to “take Becca back and marry the girl of his dreams.” Becca barely gives him the time of day, while crying because she feels as if her perfect date with Arie is now tainted. She turns down her ex and he heads back to Wisconsin as she heads over to Arie’s room to discuss what had just happened. Arie definitely had his worries about their relationship even though he was completely spineless when Ross confronted him. Although if I were in Becca’s shoes, I would have 100% left with Ross, I mean come on.

Ross for next bachelor?

Anyways, onto the final and most important part of every episode, the rose ceremony. As soon as Arie arrives to the ceremony he asks to speak with Kendall. The two find a bench to talk and Arie discusses his fears about being with Kendall and how he’s simply doesn’t see it with her and sends her home, leaving Becca and Lauren as the final two.