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        Every girl wants flawless skin. After all, beautiful skin is one of the main signs of living a healthy lifestyle. There’s just one problem. How do we get there? There’s a lot more that goes into taking care of your skin than you may realize. Here’s 5 steps to getting healthy, radiant skin.

  1. Stay hydrated. Drinking water is vital to having a healthy body and glowing skin. Drinking water helps your body flush out impurities and can help keep your skin hydrated so that you always stay radiant.

  2. Wash your face twice a day. There’s nothing more important than allowing your skin to breathe. I’m a makeup lover and wear makeup just about everyday so letting your skin breathe, rest, and heal at night ensures that I’m not clogging my pores. When pores are clogged, dirt and bacteria can build up which is often what leads to breakouts.

  3. Get a skin care routine. Keeping your skin healthy and refreshed will keep you looking young and refreshed even when you’re not always feeling your best. Find a gentle face soap, use a toner (I’ll post some of my favorites below), make sure you moisturize, and find a spot treatment that works for moments when you have a breakout.

  4. Exfoliate. Why would you go to the effort of spending all this money on products if you’re not going to scrape all the dead skin off of your face? On top of bacteria and dirt, dead skin is also a huge culprit for giving you less than perfect skin. Find a way to incorporate exfoliation into your routine. I usually exfoliate 4-5 times a week because that’s what works best for my skin (I have combination skin).

  5. Did you say “face masks”?  Oh yes ladies, it’s time to start smearing avocado, mint, and charcoal on our faces! Face masks have a lot of benefits and can help clean out a variety of impurities that soap and exfoliation can’t. They get pore deep and there are masks available to every price range and every skin type.


        I hope these tips help you achieve the skin of your dreams and allow you to continue embrace your natural beauty! Remember, even Jeffree Star gets a blemish now and again. Stay beautiful and thanks for reading!







Nancy Acosta

Buffalo '20

Nancy is currently a Junior here at the University at Buffalo and is Campus Correspondent for the UBHC Chapter. She is majoring in Communications with a dual minor in International Trade/Geography and Political Science.
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