5 Cafes That Are Perfect for Studying

Sick of studying at the same busy Starbucks? Well we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of four cafes that are not only perfect for studying or catching up with the girls, or even a first date with the cute boy from your biology class.


Daily Planet Coffee

Daily Planet Coffee Company offers various types of coffee, teas and smoothies alongside their breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Daily Planet Coffee is an extremely eco-conscious café, so not only will you be enjoying a tasty meal but you’ll also be helping save the planet! Daily Planet does everything in their control to take care of the environment as they take care of their customers. Daily Planet is located On Hertel Ave. right near South Campus, so it is the perfect studying pit stop.

Spot Coffee

I'm sure we've all been to Spot Coffee at least once. But no matter which campus you are on, you can definitely find a Spot near you! Spot Coffee has locations close to both UB North and UB South, among many other locations, with breakfast, lunch and dinner options on their menu! Spot is perfect for studying or catching up with a friend! They even keep board games in the café for their customers to use during their visit. I have had so many study sessions at Spot with my friends and every time their food gets better and better, trust me. 


Tipico Coffee 

Tipico Coffee is the perfect spot for a sweet first date or catch up session with the girls over a latte. The interior of the cafe gives off a rustic vibe, making Tipico a trendy spot for you to catch up on homework or enjoy a good book. Tipico Coffee offers lots of options for you coffee addicts as well as tons of food options. All of their food is made daily in-house! Tipico even carries a selection of baked goods from Ellen Gedra from Black Sheep. 


Welbeze Juice & Eatery

If you prefer pressed juices or smoothies over coffee, Welbeze Juice & Eatery is about to be your new favorite spot! I never drink coffee, so this place is perfect for me. The cafe specializes in tons of different juices! So you are bound to find at least one, or five, juices that you'll love! Located on Evans Street, Welbeze offers a variety of fruity drinks, whether it be smoothies or juices, as well as just about every healthy breakfast and lunch option you can think of. Welbeze is definitely underrated. I always stop here when I need a quick lunch or an extra pick me up in the morning. And on top of great menu options, it’s much cheaper than my Starbucks order, that's for sure. 



Besides having a delicious menu of breakfast choices, salads and sweets, Perks offers handfuls of vegan options on both their breakfast and lunch menus, perfect for everyone! Perks Café also features art from local artists, creating the perfect serene environment where you can peacefully cram for your bio exam or finish up your English essay! Perks is personally my favorite, I have literally driven so far out of the way just for a strawberry smoothie from Perks. Their smoothies and breakfast options are to die for. Perks is located on Elmwood and will soon be opening on Connecticut Street.