4 Laundry Struggles Everyone Faces at College

This morning I went down to do my laundry and of course, there’s only one washer available when there should be 4 washers available. I say there should be 4 washers available because there are selfish people in the world who have left their laundry down there for several hours. I’m not talking about 1 hour, I’m talking about 4 or 5 hours. Really??? I’m sorry but no matter which way you spin it, laundry does not take 4 or 5 hours to do. If it does? Your machine is probably broken and you should go use another one. Also, out of all the machines available, the other 3 were out of order. When did laundry become rocket science? Here’s 4 frustrations and reality checks that everyone at UB needs in their life.


  1. Set a timer on your phone. It’s rude and disrespectful to make other people sit and wait for you to finish. You’re not special because you got to the machine first. You’re a college student just like the rest of us. I know you’re on your phone anyway, so stop being difficult and set a damn timer for when your laundry is done.

  2. If you leave your laundry in the machine for over an hour and it’s done, it’s fair game girl. You no longer get to be offended that someone took your crap out and threw it somewhere. Your stuff is not anyone else’s responsibility other than your own. Go cry into your freshly washed pillowcase if you think it’s unfair.

  3. Clean your used dryer sheets out. Ya nasties think it’s okay to leave your used dryer sheets in the machines. Let me clarify, no one wants to clean up after you. We are not your mommy, your maid, or your servant. Clean up your crap.

  4. If you’re not sure how to do your laundry, which is shocking but some of us come from a different breed, please ask someone or google it. Don’t destroy a washing machine many of us need because you’re unsure. Also, the tag most of us cut out of our clothes actually has instructions on how to wash and dry those items.  


Save a life, save your clothes, and save some time by doing your laundry the right way. Please be kind to your fellow college students and stop breaking the machines. Thanks for reading loves!