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3 Influential Black Women in Honor of #BlackHistoryMonth

Black History Month is coming to an end but the chance to acknowledge powerful women of color will never go unnoticed. If you’re in the mood to read up on some #BossBitches, you’re at the right place sweetheart, so embrace the influential goddesses up ahead!


  1. Laverne Cox

You might know her as Sophia Burset from the Netflix original ‘Orange is the New Black’, but she is also acquainted as the inspirational black transgendered woman who gives life to this world by spreading equality and justice for those overlooked. Not only does she shine on set, but her goals are orientated to provide a voice for people in help of the respect and recognition they need. Her work for the American Heart Association, GLAAD, and the American Foundation for AIDS Research shows is only tip of the iceberg that is the wonderful and generous Laverne Cox.

  1. Maya Angelou

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, must spark a light in many of your brains as you ponder which Harlem Renaissance writer created such freeing and inspiring messages. That woman is Maya Angelou. At first she was a nightclub singer and dancer and spent her entertaining days touring Europe. She settled in New York and became part of the flourishing black writing scene in Harlem. Shortly after moving to Ghana to teach at the University of Ghana’s School of Music and Drama, she had the chance to meet Malcolm X and collaborated with him on bringing unity and equality to America. Once she returned to the U.S. and was involved with the Civil Rights Movement, and she starting working closely with Martin Luther King Jr. She is a beloved soul who paved the way for many African Americans today.


  1. Michelle Obama

HOW COULD I NOT MENTION MICHELLE GODDAMN OBAMA. This woman means the world to me because not only is she my perfect role model, but she has changed the game for future First Ladies. Lawyer and writer, Michelle has given back to America in the greatest way she could with Healthy Child Healthy World, and her advocacy towards veterans which has made an impact worth noting. The world needs more Michelle Obama’s. Aspire to be Michelle Obama because if you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll still land among the stars. Even being one eight as motivating, benevolent, intelligent, and positive as this woman will prove you’ve done something right and kind for this world.

African American woman play a huge role in the new America we are witnessing today. Whether it’s a fight for those being marginalized, or working to create a healthier lifestyle for all, these women PROVE that anyone can make a difference. As the great Mahatma Gandhi would say, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Gina Marie is a third year Communication major at University at Buffalo. From Long Island, NY, the Hampton beaches and perfect pizza parlours are where she's most comfortable. While not working on Her Campus articles, Gina spends her days working with the Buffalo Pink Campus Team and works as a stylist for Vanilla Sky Boutique at home. She's looking forward to traveling and life ahead of college, so keep an eye out for blogs on fashion, food, and more! Instagram: ginamarieciappina Twitter: @ginaciappina
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