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galentine\'s day party
galentine\'s day party
Krista Stucchio

15 Songs to Stream This Galentine’s Day!

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Galentine’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate friendship and womanhood. When my friends and I celebrate this aesthetically adorable holiday, we love to get together, eat some good food, take pictures, and play some music. I usually take charge as DJ and play the various playlists I’ve made over time. Music can set the vibes for the environment and crowd, so it’s important to get it right the first time around!

It’s essential to channel your inner baddie and empower your girls. Here are some of my favorite girl-boss anthems you can play this Galentine’s Day with your gal pals or simply on your own:

“7 rings”- Ariana Grande

Iconic lyric: “Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch/Who woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage?”

Personally, this is my favorite baddie anthem. Grande references her matching friendship rings with six of her friends which she bought for them in New York. “7 rings” is a part of her fifth studio album, thank u, next. The elite feminine energy showcased throughout this music video gives volumes of glamour, luxury, and lots of pinks.

“Best friend” – sAWEETIE FT. DOJA CAT

Iconic lyric: “Let’s celebrate ’cause we the baddest in the club”

Need a best friend anthem? This is it. Hype each other up with this perfect Galentine bop that everyone can enjoy. Saweetie and Doja Cat’s collaboration on this track about friendship give off total bad b*tch energy and positive female empowerment for each other.

“hot girl” – Megan Thee Stallion

Iconic lyric: “Don’t get mad, hoe, Get a bag, hoe”

This is a feel-good song about being THAT girl, getting confidence, and making money. I can always count on the Stallion to pump me up whether I’m getting ready, doing assignments, or working out.

“Sorry” – Beyoncé

Iconic lyric: “Middle fingers up, I ain’t thinking ’bout you”

Queen B ain’t sorry. This song is about having the right confidence and strength when undergoing a difficult breakup or situation. It encompasses a woman’s likelihood of rushing to apologize when they know they’re not in the wrong.

“I DO” – cARDI b FT. SZa

Iconic lyric: “I left that n***a on read ’cause I felt like it”

If this song doesn’t scream “I DO WHAT I WANT”, then I don’t know what does. SZA joins Cardi B in telling the world they’re in control of what they do with their lives, and no man can ever stop them.


Iconic lyric: “Try me, trespass/Guaranteed to beat yo’ ass”

Summer Walker’s upbeat pop-rap track talks about dating someone with an unsolved past. It’s always frustrating when the “ex” is still in the picture, and Walker delivers the point of view and emotions of the new girl. This is a catchy tune that is worth the listen.


Iconic lyric: “Bailando aquí sola/Es mejor que con el diablo”

Translating to “Dancing here alone, It’s better than with the devil”, Kali embraces solitude over staying in a toxic relationship. She reveals that being in her own company brings her more peace. The Spanish hook of the track makes me want to start dancing in my room all by myself.

“wannabe” – Spice girls

Iconic lyric: “Make it last forever, friendship never ends”

This is the all-time classic girl song. Whenever I hear this “national anthem” of the girls, I just want to dance and sing along with my friends. No Ifs, and, or buts.

“Flawless remix” – Beyoncé ft. Nicki minaj

Iconic lyric: “We flawless, ladies tell ’em/I woke up like this”

The two queens join together to form this elite track for women everywhere. This song screams confidence in oneself and female empowerment is at its peak.

“Like a boy” – CIARA

Iconic lyric: “What if I had a thing on the side/made you cry”

This song talks about the nature of a relationship if the roles were switched. Ciara uses sarcasm throughout her lyrics in describing the actions of a boy.


Iconic lyric: “Never thought I would love again, Here I am in Love Me Land”

I first heard this song in the film After We Fell, and immediately added it to my playlist. It’s a fun self-love anthem about loving and being yourself again.


Iconic lyric: “Kamikaze, if you think that you gon’ knock me off the top”

When this song comes on, my fingers start pointing somewhere in the air, and I automatically start singing along. Rihanna will make you feel like someone owes you money and you need to get it ASAP. This is a great confidence booster and true female anthem.

“bad girls” – M.I.A.

Iconic lyric: “Live fast, Die young/Bad girls do it well”

Of course, I needed to put this one in here. This song is all about defying the rules and being “bad girls” in the sense of female empowerment. The music video shows Middle Eastern elements which can be related back to the driving ban on women before 2018 in Saudi Arabia.

“just like magic” – ARIANA GRANDE

Iconic lyric: “Good Karma, my aesthetic/Keep my conscience clear/that’s why I’m so magnetic”

I love this song for the message it conveys about positivity, good vibes, and praying ahead for a bright future. There are several hints that point to the Law of Attraction in Grande’s lyrics.

“b.s.” – JHENE AIKO FT. H.E.R.

Iconic lyric: “I just seen your new b*tch, it boost my self-esteem”

This song is about bouncing back from a relationship and gaining back self-confidence. H.E.R. joins Jhene Aiko in subtly dissing and flexing on their exes in this slow-tempo song.

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