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Hey sweetness!

Whether you plan on staying in, going out, or being alone this Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason to not treat yourself to some self-love fun!

What I suggest is going on a hunt for a cute and uncommon color to spice up your look. Obviously there’s so many other things you can do to show yourself some love, but looking good means feeling good. Seriously, admit it. Looks do affect our emotions significantly. If you can’t seem to think of any colors to sprinkle onto that beauty of yours, worry not. Your girl got you with suggestions. Be sure you use these colors in any way you find the most aesthetically pleasing. Some ways to use these sweet colors are: makeup looks, outfits, gifts, food presentation.

Now, onto those colors! Colors listed below from warm to cool, following the structure of the rainbow, with hex code for transparency.

Rose Pink#FF66CCJade#00A86B
Spanish Red#E60026Turquoise#0FDDAF
Indian Saffron#FF7722Periwinkle#7575CF
♡ Sweet reds/oranges/yellows & Sweet greens/blues/purples ♡

Now that you have a good taste of what vibe we set, let us get into the psychology of colors and their impact on our emotions! According to color psychology, specific colors give us a sense of specific feelings.

RED. Red tends to give off a sense of action, romanticism, boldness, joy, passionate, and anger. PINK. Pink often represents senses of softness, delicacy, care, gentleness, and affection. ORANGE. Orange can give many the sense of adventure, warmth, attentiveness, and cheerfulness. YELLOW. Yellow indicates sense of clarity, caution, happiness, optimism, urgency, and brightness.

GREEN. Green usually creates a sense of naturality, generosity, positivity, wealth, freshness, health, and growth. BLUE. Blue has the ability to provide a sense of peace, calmness, coolness, wisdom, and trust. PURPLE. Purple enables the senses of loyalty, artistry, uniqueness, luxury, power, imagination, spirituality, and kindness.

GRAY. Gray produces senses of balance, solidarity, focus, modernity, and knowledge. BROWN. Brown oftentimes gives us a sense of neutrality, depth, warmth, richness, and strength. BLACK. Black delivers the sense of sophistication, confidence, authority, power, elegance, space, mystery, and simplicity. WHITE. White gives the senses of purity, sterile, cleanliness, lightness, and absence.

So what’s all this to mean you may ask? Well, that colors play a huge role in our lives. Colors, much like appearances, affect many factors surrounding us. Always be sure to take time to love yourself, and pay attention to how you feel. Your love will always place you exactly where you need to be, experiencing life.


Lydia Navedo

Buffalo '23

Hi friends! Lydia is the meeting manager for Her Campus, University at Buffalo chapter. She is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies. Her articles will be focused on tips + info for being your beautiful, healthiest, educated self! Much love <3
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