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What To Do For Spring Break?

With spring break approaching quickly I’m going to give you some tips on possible things to do during spring break.


One of the most popular things to do during spring break is obviously to travel somewhere. Since we’ve been stuck in cold and snowy Buffalo I’d recommend you try somewhere warm like Florida or Mexico since those are probably the most popular spring break travel areas. Since it is very close to spring break you will probably have to act fast to find a hotel at such short notice. Make it a big event with all your friends. Everyone should travel somewhere at least once with their friends in college. If somewhere far is out of your budget try taking a trip to Canada with some friends, we are basically right there. Another good idea for traveling would be to visit one of your friends who’s also in school. It is always fun to see how different college environments are compared to your own.


If traveling is out the plans for you and you plan to stay on campus try finding out which of your friends will also be staying and make plans through the week with them to do stuff through Buffalo that none of you have tried doing before. There’s probably a lot of things that you’re not even aware of that are going on around the city.


Catch up on school work! Spring break is a really good time to get caught up on work you missed if you plan on not doing anything the entire time.


Going home to visit family and friends is always good. You probably haven’t see them in a while so a week of being at home doing nothing but sleeping, being fed by your parents, and seeing your friends is a great way to relax.


Overall just enjoy your spring break!


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 Brittany Windham is a Senior at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. She is studying Fashion Design with a concentration in Apparel Design. She is a New York City native with a love for the arts and anything that allows her to express her creativity. She is a published poet and a member of the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honors Society. She has worked alongside artist, designers, and students in New York City to promote environmental awareness through art with her participation in Digital Day Camp through the Eyebeam team. She is currently a member of the Orange Crush team on her campus and she one day aspires to have her own online store which recycles and reuses old accessories and clothing to create new ones.
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