Spook Up Your Dorm

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I’m one to say that about every holiday but, there is something about Halloween that is exciting and terrifying all at once! As I’m writing this, I’m watching the 13 Days of Halloween on ABC Family. The movie that’s currently playing is Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride: the perfect background for what I’m going to be showing you guys today! Super cute and simple dorm decorations for Halloween! I’m usually one to go way, way, wayyyyyy overboard when it comes to decorating for any holiday, so I’ll tone it down a little bit for you guys! These decorations are super easy to find and put together!

One of my favorite places to get decorations for Halloween (or really any holiday) is Jo-Ann Fabrics! Not only do they have a ton of decorations and crafts for you to make to spook up your dorm, but they’re almost always on sale! Everything I got for my dorm, cute socks included, was 50% off! I don’t know about you guys but that is music to my broke college student ears! And Jo-Ann Fabrics has an app that you can get on your phone (which I totally recommend) that tells you the current sales and has coupons!

I took a trip to the Jo-Ann's in Williamsville and stocked up on all my subtle decorations! Walking through the store, there are a million options from premade decorations to crafts you can do yourself! I got a mix of the two just to be a little festive. The dorm that I live in is a suite style so I have my own bathroom and a living room that I'm able to decorate as well! But if you're in a double or a triple, these decorations can be placed inside your room or modified for your personal dorm and style!

To start us off let's just dive right into the DIYs! I only have two for you guys today but, they're super easy and quick to make! The first is a Halloween-themed banner! Now you can adjust this anyway you want and even add "Happy Halloween!" on it too! It looks super cute and the same style banner can be used as a normal dorm decor, just change the color scheme. 

Here's what you'll need for the banner!

Twine (Or ribbon/string)


A Hole Puncher

A Pencil

Scrapbooking Papers


After raiding your local Jo-Ann's and collecting all the super fun scrapbooking pages your heart desires (which are only .79¢ I might add!), you're going to take your pencil and draw out a triangle. Do this on all the papers as many times as you want and cut them out so you have a bunch of triangles or "flags." Next, punch a hole in the two top corners of all the triangles. Then, take a long piece of twine and tie a little loop at the end. Add each of the flags on to the twine tying knots in front of the holes, so that the flags don’t move around on the twine. Once you’ve added all the flags, tie another little loop at the end and hang the banner up on your wall using two tacks! Here's what it should look like when it's all done!

The next DIY is super cute: dangling Halloween themed tissue paper flowers!

Here's what you'll need:

Tissue paper (black, orange and white)




Little rubber bands

Take several sheets of black, orange and white tissue paper and lay them on top of each other in whichever order you want! Next start folding the paper, like you would if you were making a fan, until it’s folded up into a rectangle. Take one of your little rubber bands and tie it around the middle of the tissue paper. Then, take your scissors and round the ends of the tissue paper rectangle, as if your cutting a half circle into it.

Then, unfold it very gently and pull the individual pieces forward until it looks like a big puffball! Then take two different lengths of twine and tie little loops in the end and tie the other end to the rubber bands! Lastly, secure the twine to the ceiling (or wall) using your tacks!

Now, I’m a little mad at myself for not taking a collective picture of all the decorations I got! I was just way too excited to decorate when I got back to my dorm! So instead here is what they look like all set up! And a linked list to all the spoOoOoky decorations!

Boo! Candle Holder & LED Tealights

Trick or Treat sign

Window Stickies

Candy Corn Lights

Pumpkin Pattern Mason Jar

All the decorations are super cheap and super cute! If you have a smaller dorm room, these decorations are perfect to make your home away from home festive and fun!