The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day: 7 Movies To Watch On Netflix

Being single on Valentine's Day can be annoying for those surrounded by friends in relationship. You want to have a night out with your friends but, most of them already have plans with their SO. And who really wants to go out alone without their squad? However, spending the day catering to yourself and de-stressing doesn't sound like a bad idea. Treat yourself to some delicious take-out and desserts and have a Netflix marathon. Here are seven films, featuring strong women leads, that you should definitely watch.

Independent Dramas

Pariah (2011)

Pariah is about a young, lesbian woman named Alike (Ah-lee-kay) who is trying to be true to herself while pleasing her parents. She leads a double life, being open and herself around her friends but, pretending she is straight around her family. This causes major conflict, within herself and with those around her. 

Yelling to the Sky (2011)

Zoe Kravitz stars as Sweetness, a seventeen year old bi-racial girl who is trying to survive in a rough neighborhood while living with her unstable family. She does whatever it takes to make sure she doesn't end up like her parents, even if that means going down the wrong path.

Romantic Comedies

Working Girl (1988)A secretary named Tess (Melanie Griffith) gets her big break when her boss (Sigourney Weaver) breaks her leg in a skiing accident. While she is recovering, Tess takes over her role in an attempt to move up in the company. With her intelligence and her boss's connections, Tess realizes that she has the ability to change her life around.

13 Going On 30 (2004)

It's 1987 and teenager Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) just wants to be one of the popular girls. After being humilated at her birthday party, Jenna makes a wish to be "Thirty, flirty, thriving" and gets the surprise of her life when it comes true. Although her adult life has everything she could dream of, she realizes her true desires and sets to make them a reality. 

Dramas, Based on a True Story

Woman in Gold (2015)

Helen Mirren stars as Maria Altmann, a jewish refugee who is fighting the government to get back a famous painting of her aunt. It was stolen from her family during World War II and she will stop at nothing to get it back, even if it means taking it to the Supreme Court. 

Difret (2014)

This heartbreaking film is about a young girl who is abducted and raped by a man who wants to marry her. She escapes by shooting the man, which causes turmoil and her village. She is arrested and represented by a young lawyer who is trying to save her life, even if that means causing conflict with everyone around her.


The Ascent of Woman (2015)