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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Buff State chapter.

he reality of senior year. When comparing high school to college for senior year there is a complete difference. Because I’m now starting my senior year of college, I thought that it would be just like my senior year of high school. But boy was I wrong!I felt like I have not had a break since space space space. One of the major differences between high school and college is the amount of time one has. I felt like I have not had a break since the semester started….. One of the major differences between high school and college is the amount of time one has. Back in high school, my schedule was a lot more flexible and I had more free time. I would usually start class around 10 and I would usually have about 2 to 3 classes, much like college except I actually had more free time outside of school. Nowadays, any free time I have is being taken by errands that I have to run or projects/work that has to be done.  Another big difference is a type of learning. Back in high school everything was more general education based so I would get my history class for math class gym class etc. but in college it it’s it’s my major classes on focusing on. These major classes alone are so hands-on. Granted I’m also taking three advance production classes which I do not recommend unless those are the only three classes you were taking. The problem with taking three advanced courses is that I’m learning a lot more material, and all the projects are due literally at the same time. The project itself take about a week we can a half to do if I wanted and I want to perfect it.  So in regards the time I definitely had more available time in high school then I do in college.

Granted, college and high school are two completely different forms of education but I was always under the impression that they would be quite similar. The major difference between college and high school is the hands on work itself. In high school, it was mostly papers, exams, and presentations. My school was one of the very few that was a panel based school which eliminated the regents exam as a whole. Instead for each class, we had to make a presentation on our final project where we explained it in detail and backed it up with what we learned throughout the year. This actually really prepared me for college because I love doing power points and I am not as afraid of presenting in front of people. That is probably one of the few similarities between high school and college. 

I can say that I am much more stressed about my senior year now because since I am a media production major, everything that I hand in will be a digital package. So going out to record footage, record audio, edit everything and make sure it is viewable is one of the biggest problems. It wouldn’t be so hard to do if I only had to classes to focus on but I have five classes which all require a large amount of outside time to finish the work. It really begins to take a toll on the amount of sleep I get and my performance in class. For example, I was up one day recording and editing a video for a friend because she needed it the next day, but I also had an event to record on campus.  I literally spend over 18 hours up and only got about 2 hours to sleep before I had to wake up to register for classes at 6am. Once I registered for classes, I went straight to the communications building to continute editing the video for my friend. This day also really showed me the reality of senior year. I am no way shape of form complaining because this is something I love to do. This is my future. I just always had a different vision of what my senior year would be like. 

All in all, college so far has been such an amazing experience for me. I’ve met so many people along the way, experienced so many different things, it has given me a different approach and view on life, and has taught me things I would have never knew other wise. My senior year is stressful but it’s preparing me for the real world. and for that, I’m grateful. 



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