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The Perfect Guy Wants To Meet My Parents? Sabby To The Rescue

I have been dating someone that I will name Adam for now.  He is honest, sweet, kind, and extremely funny; I spend a lot of my free time with him after my classes and on weekends.  The problem is; he is bisexual.  He tells me he would not leave me for a man since we are committed but the idea of him into men is always playing in my mind.  He wants to meet my family over the Holidays but I am afraid of him meeting my parents because they do not like gay people.  I have no problem with who Adam is; I am just scared of what my parents and others will think of us when they find out he is bisexual.  I need advice ASAP!

            What you need to remember in all this is that this relationship is you and Adam, no one else.  If no one likes Adam based solely on his bisexuality, then they will never support your relationship and they are people you do not need in your life.  Your parents will have to understand that you care about Adam regardless of what they think.  You must sit with them and tell them how you feel and if they still do not like Adam, then you need to do what makes you happy, it is your life; you make your own decisions.  I know its hard going against your parents’ wishes but if you believe Adam is a good person then stick with it.  Before anything though, talk with Adam and discuss your own feelings and your parents feelings concerning his bisexuality and make a plan of action before he meets them so you both know you are on the same page.  Everything will be right in the end once you follow your head and your heart.

Good luck!

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