Meet Some of the Graduates of Class of 2016

HC BuffState: How does it feel to be a graduate of SUNY at Buffalo State?

"Very surreal and weird, but also really exciting to see where life takes me next!" - Maria 

"Relaxed. Happy to be done and on to my next level of education. It is also sad to leave the place and friends I have grown attached to." - Jennifer 

"The realization I now have to pay off my student loans because Sally May don't mess around." - Mary Anne 

"It feels like I'm ready for the next best thing. 4 years and your bachelors is something to be proud of! - Ashley 

"It hasn't really hit me yet. I still feel like in a couple of months, I'll be moving back in to my dorm early for cross county practice." - Katlyn

HC BuffState: Does it still feel surreal? 

"Indeedly!" - Maria

"It doesn't feel surreal to me at all. Oddly, it feels natural." - Jennifer

"It didn't feel surreal till I cried when I left my roommate!" - Ashley 

"Yes! Very surreal! I feel like Meredith Grey in that one episode of Grey's Anatomy where she's like "We're adults. When did that happen and how do we make it stop?". I'm excited for the next chapter in my life but at the same time, I'm not ready to let go of college just yet." - Katlyn

HC BuffState: What was your best memory as a undergrad at Buffalo State?" 

"I'll tell you what my favorite thing was from each year. Freshman year was being able to meet my now very dear and lifelong friends (squaaaad). Sophomore year was eing able to live with them, and that was alos the year I knew my major was the absolute perfect choice for me. I loved every single one of my classes both semesters. Junior year was being able to study abroad in London and for Senior Year, it was definitely great to look back at all the things I've accomplished and realize how far I have come in 4 years!" - Maria 

I have too many to choose from. But one of them would be from freshman year with my roommate, There was a "do you know your roommate" program and my roommate and I studied all week for it, constantly quizzing each other. I had so much fun getting to know her and strengthening our bond together. We didn't win but that's okay." - Jennifer

"I have a lot of favorite memories from Buff State, But I think my favorite was just the feeling of how at home I was freshman year. Tunning arond my building and just like, walking into peoples' rooms who left their door open and sitting on their floor! Haha, I think that's how I made the majority of my friends that year" - Katlyn