Meet Sasa Vann!

Name: Sasa Elizabeth Vann

Class Status: Senior

Graduation Year: May 2016 

Age: 21

Major: Psychology & Hospitality Administration concentration in Hotel Management 

Quote to live by: “If you're afraid - don't do it, - if you're doing it - don't be afraid!” ― Genghis Khan 

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why: Being able to multiply, like have more than one of me. So that one could do my laundry and one could like go to work! 


HC Buff State: What is your biggest inspiration?

Sasa: My future, definitely. Like I always think about different things that have happened and my parents and sister obviously. But the biggest thing to make me continue and get through school and get good grades is just knowing like it’s all gonna be worth it and my future's gonna be good.

HC Buff State: What things have you done or organization are you a part of at Buff State and what have you learned from them?

Sasa: I was in NSMH which is the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality and that was really fun. We catered for parties on campus and fashion shows. We learned about the industry like working as a manager. I am currently in Psi Chi which is an academic society and that’s been good. It’s taught me about the different psychology programs that I didn’t know about. Alternative break! Woo! I’m an Alternative Break site leader. I went on two Alternative Breaks throughout my time at Buff State. I was briefly a member of the Ink Club, which was like poetry. I’m also on the track team. I’ve done indoor and outdoor since I started here. I have two All-Americans in the 4x4, the school record for the indoor 500, which is one of my track highlights! It was my favorite race of the day. The 4x4 and DMR records for indoor as well. For Outdoor I have the 400 and 4x4 school records. These have taught me to just balance everything and to join multiple things while you’re at college because you never know what you’ll really like.  

HC Buff State: Why did you choose to come to Buff State?

Sasa: It just felt right. I actually was like totally done with all my applications senior year. I didn’t even know about Buff State until Coach Allen and Coach Lewis (the Track and Field coaches) called me. They were like we’ve been watching you and saw you run at the Amory and we want you to come run for us. Then I became interested because I knew I wanted to run in college and I didn’t wanna run D1 and they had my major. So everything just fell into place! Plus my grandma liked it!

HC Buff State: What are some of the best and worst experience you've had at Buff State?

Sasa: For one of the best, one of the scholarships I have Mr. Kenzie has us go to one of these lunches every semester. There’s a guest speaker and it’s usually seven or eight people and we just talk about whatever’s happening that semester and our goals and thank him for the scholarship. So that’s been a highlight every semester going to that! And it’s in Campus House so the food is awesome! Shout out to Hospitality people! Also, track has been great! I like the traveling. I definitely wouldn't have the time to go to all those places if it weren't for track, which has been a great experience! I guess a bad experience would just be people not living up to my expectations in college. When I was younger I always though like, "Oh college everyone’s gonna be reading all the time and sitting under trees and just like rubbing books in their face" and that was just a bummer that everyone was not as excited as I was.

HC Buff State: How would you describe your experience here at Buff State?

Sasa: My brain is growing! Just like total growth!

HC Buff State: What do you hope to do when you graduate?

Sasa: To never stop going to school! I’ve already started applying to grad school! I just got an email that Colorado got my transcripts! I’m going for psychology, specifically Neuro Psych. I’m applying for Masters programs and PhD. I wanna be a Neuropsychologist and hopefully teach at some point but at some point before that be a Clinician, work in a hospital, maybe! I just wanna do it all!

HC Buff State: What advice can you give to females here at Buff State?

Sasa: Get inspired and run with it and don’t look back!




**All of us here at Her Campus Buff State would like to wish Sasa the best of luck on all her future goals and endeavors!