Meet S.A.A.C President Kevin C. Murray

Name: Kevin C. Murray

Class Status: Senior

Graduation Year:  2017

Age: 21

Major: Electrical Engineering

Quote to live by: “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” - Jimmy Dean


HC Buffalo State: You are the president of SA.A.C. What can you tell us about it, for people who don’t know?

It’s a group of two student athletes from each sport and a separate E-board of elected representatives. The E-board meets twice a month to discuss upcoming games, decided BSB (Bengals Supporting Bengals) games, and how to rally support for our athletes. The rest of the student athlete representatives will meet along with the E-board once a month. We also just voted on specific rules and regulations for all athletes in our conference.


HC Buffalo State: How long have you been involved in S.A.A.C?

This is my fourth year, I started freshman year. Sophomore year I ran for Vice President for the up coming year and got it. And then was elected president for my senior year!


HC Buffalo State: What are your specific duties as President?

I basically, gather support for the different sports teams we have here. Try to get students and faculty to come out support and cheer on so each team has some fellow Bengals rooting for them. I also set up philanthropy events in which the student athletes participate. Last year we did Bald For Bucks and that was great!


HC Buffalo State: How is S.A.A.C involved in Homecoming week?

Tom Koller comes to us and speaks about the specific events for us to put on. We make sure that the homecoming game is a BSB game so that everyone is there. We put fliers to get the word out, and make sure as many people attend the game and participate in the events as possible. To keep the excitement going throughout Homecoming we’re trying to get everyone to walk as "one team" to the big game and once we’re all there at half time we are in charge of the t-shirt toss. We are trying to collaborate with other groups as well.


HC Buffalo State: What’s your favorite part of Homecoming week?

Seeing the amount of support that people give our Bengals!


HC Buffalo State: Are you involved in any other organizations or programs on campus?

Not currently but I really want to get an automotive club started here!


HC Buffalo State: Is there any piece of advice you want to give current and/ or future college students?

Get involved and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!