Meet Our Newest Member, Veronica!

Let's meet our newest member here at Buffalo State's Her Campus. 

Name: Veronica Connell

Hometown: Manhattan, N.Y  Year: Senior Major: English  

Fun fact: I'm a twin and I can roll one of my eyes. It's hard to explain but easier to show! Hobbies: I love to write poems because it helps clear my mind and it is very meaningful to me. I also like to do the basics like sleeping, eating or using my phone Favorite Tv show:  At the moment, I am obsessed with the Game of Thrones, Power, The Walking Dead, NCIS, and Criminal Minds.  Favorite animal: I used to be obsessed with dolphins but now I love owls. I honestly don't know why I changed from dolphins to owls.  Celebrity crush: Lance Gross. That's my top dark chocolate bae. Guilty pleasure: I love reading the book "Tuesday with Morrie". I've read that book so many times now. It's an amazing peice of literature. Describe yourself in three words: Smart, beautiful and kind. Im basically Americas sweetheart. Relationship status: single. What are your goals in life: to be a successful publisher/editor. To one day own my own company for editing and publishing, and to eventually have a family. 

We welcome Veronica to our team and wish her the best of luck this year. We are happy to see her grow with Her Campus this year.